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Tunze Comline DOC Protein Skimmer

Tunze Comline DOC Protein Skimmer

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Tunze Comline DOC Protein Skimmer Information

Product Manuals & Documentation

The model series of the Comline DOC skimmers has been developed for an effective and modern protein skimming process in marine biotopes from 200 to 2,000 liters (52 to 528 gal.). They stand out for their compact dimensions at the same time ensuring a high foam cup capacity, and producing a very high throughput on account of their air capacity of 650 or 1,00 l/h (171 or 343 gal./h), for example, depending on the model. They can be placed directly in the aquarium or in cabinet systems with a variable water level.

At an immersion depth of 240 to 290 mm (9.4 to 11.4 inches), the Comline DOC skimmer models can be placed easily and discreetly in the aquarium directly. The inlet of fresh water can be set at between 5 percent and 70 percent. They can also be used in sumps with variable levels from 100 to 280 mm (3.9 to 11 inches): DOC Skimmer Extension Set 9005.40 required (sold seperately). The accessories supplied have to be used to ensure the generation of a constant internal water level. The water circuit is totally open and operates at a fresh-water inlet of 100 percent; depending on model, a water throughput of 1,200 l/h or 2,400 l/h (317 gal./h or 634 gal./h) is achieved, distinctly improving the gas exchange in the aquarium.

In case of operation in sumps, the cartridge core on the outlet pipe ensures bubble-free outgoing water. Skimmer cup and foam reactor are one unit in all TUNZE DOC skimmers. Every cleaning of the skimmer cup leads to the reactor being cleaned at the same time, and thus a very constant and efficient foam production is ensured. During the cleaning process, the Hydrofoamer remains operational and automatically flushes the jet and the air passage.

  • Recommended for aquariums up to 600 litres (1584 US gal.) of salt water.
  • Dimensions: L125 x W113 x H378 mm (L4.9 x W4.4 x H14.8 in.)
  • 115V/60Hz:12 W
  • Water throughput: 850 l/h (224 US gal./h)
  • Air capacity: 500 l/h (132 US gal./h)
  • Skimmer cup volume: .4l (.10 US gal.)
  • Magnet holder up to a glass thickness of 12 mm (.47 in.)
  • For operation in an aquarium cabinet (in-sump), use DOC Skimmer Extension Set 9005.40 sold seperately.

The Comline DOC skimmer with hydrofoamer has an open water circuit with can be controlled. Apart from the air output, the flow rate of the skimmer determines the output of the DOC skimmer. In addition, due to its biotope composition, every marine aquarium has a different sensitivity with respect to the organic load. Based on a standard marine aquarium with soft corals, the data on the suitable skimmer size may differ in other biotopes. For this reason, the aquarium volumes recommended for the skimmer should be reduced in case of sensitive biotopes.

Low Sensitivity
In soft coral aquariums with long-polyp corals and anemones, for example, the share in dissolved organic matter may be higher, sometimes it may even be vital. In this type of aquarium, the recommended aquarium volume can be used without deduction.

Medium Sensitivity
A medium organic stability is usually found in mixed aquariums inhabited with soft and stony corals (LPS). Filter-feeding animals, sponges, et cetera, are found there frequently as well. For these aquariums, a reduction of about 20 percent of the skimming capacity is calculated. A skimmer for 1,000 liters (264 gal.) should thus be used for an aquarium of about 800 liters (221 gal.) which has this kind of reef design

High Sensitivity
Aquariums with primarily small-polyp stony corals (SPS) require an especially high degree of purity. They should have no load of phosphates or nitrates worth mentioning. Good oxygen saturation and very clear water are the prerequisites. Comline ODC skimmer is also often used as a “stand-alone” solution in these aquariums. This type of aquarium should be reduced by about 40 percent in volume for the skimmer volume mentioned.

High Sensitivity and High Load
Hard coral aquariums with a high population of fish require an extremely high skimming capacity. The skimmer has to ensure the degree of purity for the hard corals at an above-average high fish load. If the Comline DOC skimmer has to be operated as a “stand-alone” solution in these aquariums, a high-performance is required. This type of aquarium should be reduced by about 60 percent in volume for the skimmer volume mentioned.

NOTE: Products are sold in 110V conversions. Please verify your country’s volt conversion before making any electrical purchase.

Manufacturer Info

For forty-five years the name TUNZE® has been synonymous with aquariums. Many products and components which we have developed in the course of time are now standard features of aquarium technology today. This confidence in TUNZE is no coincidence. The company has remained true to its philosophy right from the beginning, researching water biotopes all over the world to develop components which enable natural water conditions in the closed environment of an aquarium. In the implementation of know-how, effectiveness and efficiency, TUNZE® takes the lead in environmental compatibility. Their motto is: quality and reliability. These values are upheld with well thought-out and precise tool making by highly qualified experts. The brand names of TUNZE® and Turbelle® meet the expectations of the seal of quality; Made in Germany. Many of the products shown in this catalogue are protected by national and international patents.
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Tunze Comline DOC Protein Skimmer Reviews

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Space saving skimmer

Reviewers Rating Great

Posted: 12/7/2013 from Dade City, FL
3.5 5
Experience Level: Intermediate

Comments: I have a wet-dry filter that came with a protein skimmer that I needed to replace. Unfortunately, the space available wouldn't allow most of your "better reviewed" skimmers to fit. I read reviews about how "cheaply" the Tunze DOC was made, but didn't have many other choices to pick from, so decided to give it a try. Yes it is made of plastic rather than the stronger, more expensive acrylic, however, it is not cheaply made or constructed. I wouldn't go beating it against a tree, but when handled with a relative small amount of care, I have had no issues with the plastic's strength or quality. There is definitely a learning curve to getting it to work correctly and well. That being said, I will offer my little pearls of wisdom that I have learned. First, when using the skimmer in a sump, the "Water-line" printed on the outside of the unit is not in the correct location, at least on my unit. I've found that by raising the unit about a 1/2" ~ 3/4" higher than indicated, it skims out a lot more skimmate, and is quieter than at the indicated height. In my sump, that is right about at the limit to where the water exiting the hole, in the back panel that attaches to the side of the sump, is almost at the point to where it would jet over the side of the sump, but doesn't quite make it. Second, after about 6 months or so, the whole unit needs to be completely disassembled and have all parts thoroughly cleaned, especially the air "way". The top cover does come off by carefully lifting the front and pulling forward and up. This allows access to the air hose running from the top, thru the middle "shelf", and into the diffusing chamber. By using a piece of nylon string with knots of the correct size tied into it, you can then run the knots thru the tubing and attachment holes to clean out any accumulated material. Don't pull the hose thru the hole in the middle "shelf" if possible, it's a little difficult to get it back thru the hole, as the hose is flared on both ends because of attaching to their respective pieces. Once I figured out those 2 things, and get the air intake dialed in correctly, I usually get between 300-400ml of skimmate a week on a well stocked 75 gal reef system with nothing more than cleaning out the collection cup when too much skimmate sticks to the incoming side of the cup, preventing the foam from reaching the top. Hope this review is helpful. Happy reefing.

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