Tunze Turbelle® Stream 2 Controllable Pump 6205 (New Generation with Titanium Alloy Shaft)

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Turbelle® stream 6205

  • For aquariums from 800 to 3,000 litres (211 to 792 USgal.).
  • Flow rate: 5,000 to 22,000 l/h (1,320 to 5,811 USgal./h).
  • Energy consumption: max. 55 W.
  • Voltage / frequency: 100 – 240 V / 50 – 60 Hz.
  • Cable length: 5 m (196.8 in.).
  • Dimensions: diam. 90 mm (3.5 in.), Outlet: diam. 63 mm (1.96 in.).
  • Magnet Holder up to a glass thickness of 25 mm (.98 in.).
The innovative motor based on the eco-energetic concept and newly developed pump technology ensures a very high efficiency with very low maintenance and power consumption.

Very silent run
Special plastic bearings, a titanium-alloy axle and silicone absorbers enable a very silent run without wear which applies for smaller models as well as for the powerful pump delivering 30,000 l/h. (7,925 USgal./h). Large suction area
The water which is drawn in passes through a giant intake strainer, and thus prevents premature clogging.

Magnet Holder - a standard feature
As a standard feature, Turbelle® stream® is supplied with a magnetic holder, which enables uncomplicated attachment at any position on the aquarium pane from 19 mm (.74 in.) to 25 mm (.98 in.).

Flexible adaptation
The ball-type design is an intelligent solution for installation with a minimum of hydraulic losses. Contrary to other pumps, they offer a lot of flexibility with respect to positioning and orientation of the water stream, which can be adjusted in such a way that an effective flow is produced over a long distance in the aquarium at lower power consumption.

Controllable output
The Turbelle® stream 6105, 6205 and 6305 pumps have been fitted with electronic speed controllers running on safety extra-low voltage. They are ideal for wave or tide simulation in every aquarium, and contain a new "intelligent" micro-processor controlled motor. Along with Multicontroller 7095, 7096 or Singlecontroller 7091 they are an unbeatable team.

No problem in case of power failure
Fitted with Safety Connector 6105.50, Turbelle® stream 6105, 6205 and 6305 can be operated on every 10 V to 24 V direct-current source (battery, solar cell). The safety connector permits normal operation with the TUNZE® power supply unit, but in case of a power failure it will automatically switch over to a direct-current source.

Manufacturer Info

For forty-five years the name TUNZE® has been synonymous with aquariums. Many products and components which we have developed in the course of time are now standard features of aquarium technology today. This confidence in TUNZE is no coincidence. The company has remained true to its philosophy right from the beginning, researching water biotopes all over the world to develop components which enable natural water conditions in the closed environment of an aquarium. In the implementation of know-how, effectiveness and efficiency, TUNZE® takes the lead in environmental compatibility. Their motto is: quality and reliability. These values are upheld with well thought-out and precise tool making by highly qualified experts. The brand names of TUNZE® and Turbelle® meet the expectations of the seal of quality; Made in Germany. Many of the products shown in this catalogue are protected by national and international patents.



Experience Level: Intermediate

Great pump

I love this pump. I bought 2 of the 6105's and the controller. It is amazing how much water they move and how quiet they are. Absolutely the best! I really like the options available with the controller. Expensive stuff to be sure, but the quality is there, like in all Tunze products. The only downside is the size of the pumps..they are big and need to be positioned well below the surface.

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Experience Level: Intermediate


I switched from a MP40w to 2 6105 in my 90g and the noise difference is amazing. You cant tell the pumps are running. People tend to exaggerate but it really is quiet. I dont think it moves as much water as an MP40 but with two and the multicontroller it's nice.

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Experience Level: Expert


Great customer service and a well made product. Smaller than the old Streams, also comes with the magnet. Finally the ability to aim them. Stream pumps always hold their value and are easy to sell used.

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SHANE HM from Morehead City, NC UNITED STATE


Experience Level: Expert


I know, why would you pay such an outragous price for a powerhead? Even without the controller, this things moves water and when I say moves water, I mean, it really pushes some power. I couldnt believe it myself until I hooked it up and watched just ONE powerhead push water half way across my 300 gallon reef tank, and I bought 2 of them! If you can afford this product, buy it, you wil not be disappointed. the customer service support is outstanding and will talk you through step by step over the phone how to set it up.

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Experience Level: Intermediate

What a step up

I got 3 of these powerheads for my 120G mixed reef. These are running on a Tunze controller and the amount of movement I get in the tank is unbelivable. I can even crate a wave that is about 3/4" high. Highly recommended.

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rayray from


Experience Level: Intermediate

Another great Tunze pump

6105 pump is as large as the older brick-shaped streams, but better-smaller-stonger mount, more pointable half-sphere coverage, wider stronger forward flow and return flow on the long axis of a 6 foot reef tank. initial concerns about the clamp or shaft breaking like with the nanostreams so far not warranted.

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Experience Level: Expert

Best you can buy

It took a long time for me to drop the 10 bills for 2 o fhtese and an aquasurf but I am very happy with them. Stronger than anticipated. quiet. These clean a bare bottom tank no problem. With the Neptune controller and a the ACIII I can create huge waves in the tank!

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Experience Level: Expert

Good but large and loud

The powerhead is larger and louder than I expected. However, it is very well made and produces a lot of flow.

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BRIAN from


Experience Level: Intermediate

Highly recommended

I definitely recommend this product, great wave action and very powerful.

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