UNISEAL Flexible Tank Adapter (Bulkhead) 1/2 Inch

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Uniseals are used to attach pipe to just about any type of container. They can be used in place of expensive bulkhead fittings in most situations. The most common use is on curved surfaces such as storage drums, buckets or even other pipes. Uniseals are made to fit PVC and steel pipes 3/16" to 6" through wall thickness of 1/8" to 1/2".

NOTE: Uniseals are provided in sizes intended for standard schedule 40 pipe (common household plumbing pipe). For example, a standard 2" schedule 40 PVC pipe requires a 2" Uniseal. We recommend using a hole saw for cutting holes where a Uniseal will be placed. After cutting the hole, remove any fragments of material left behind to ensure a good, watertight seal. Below are the hole sizes required for each individual uniseal size.

1/2" Uniseal requires 1.25" hole saw and fits 1/2" ID pipe or tube with 0.840" OD
3/4" Uniseal requires 1.25" hole saw and fits 3/4" ID pipe or tube with 1.050" OD
1" Uniseal requires 1.75" hole saw and fits 1" ID pipe or tube with 1.315" OD
1" 1/4 Uniseal requires 2" hole saw and fits 1 1/4" ID pipe or tube with 1.660" OD
1" 1/2 Uniseal requires 2.5" hole saw and fits 1 1/2" ID pipe or tube with 1.900" OD
2" Uniseal requires 3" hole saw and fits 2" ID pipe or tube with 2.375" OD
3" Uniseal requires 4" hole saw and fits 3" ID pipe with 3.500" OD



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