UP Aqua 2 Row Flexible Aquarium Cooling Fan

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This item has been discontinued.

UP Aqua

Adjustable 2 module cooling fans. Clamp on style which secures to the rim of the aquarium. Two individually adjustable fan for proper adjustment. Used for cooling aquariums and lighting equipment.


  • On/off swich.
  • Suitable for aquarium tank up to 30 gallons.
  • 203mm wide



Experience Level: Expert

Who needs a chiller!?

So I originally purchased the 4-fan UP Aqua on my Red Sea Max S-650 (175 gallons) and it performed quite impressively; so much so that I no longer needed my chiller and it has now become my fail-safe. Without a chiller my tank would settle at around 85-86 degrees with lights on, in a 76* house. I was tired of my chiller kicking on repeatedly as we entered summer months here in Phoenix, so in an effort to quiet things down, keep my electric bill reasonable, and add a fail-safe to my tank; I decided to purchase this fan. Well the 4-fan proved to be over kill and would cool the tank easily below 76* and more if I allowed it. Luckily I have an Apex reef controller, and now I am able to control fan and temps to within .5*. If this wasn't enough I then ordered the 2-Fan configuration just to see if I could clean up the looks further and quiet down the system even more. It works just as well as the 4-fan, and can even cool the tank when room temps are 82*. Now I am able to run everything on a backup battery (not previously possible with a 1/3hp chiller) and still keep the system temps down. Only down side is my evaporation rate has almost doubled.

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Experience Level: Intermediate

Mediocre fan

Does the job of cooling but the noise level was too much. For a new fan it is pretty loud, had to replace it with a clip on fan at wally world for $10 which isn't as strong but compared to this, it is silent. Not worth the money imo.

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Experience Level: Intermediate

UP Aqua Flexible Aquarium Cool

Plugged the fan in and as soon as i tilted the blades rubbed aginst the housing and chattered. I tried just leaving it in a straite position same results. This one is not for me

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dukeap from Orlando, FL UNITED STATES


Experience Level: Beginner


The fan does what it says, it does help and it does bring down the temp as long as the fan is blowing the air into the water not just across it if you want to get the best used out of it but it has help compared to the other Azoo fan that i had, the temp would go up to 82 but with this one it only goes up to 80 with the house been like at 82(not my house so i cant control the AC temp) the only problem I have with it is that its loud on the box it self it says its db is <30, almost as loud as a vacuum cleaner, maybe its because I have canopy that makes it sound that loud, if you can get pass the noise, I would get it

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