Ultralife Ultrazone Mini - 200 mg/hour Ozonizer

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Ozone is by far the best way to boost your water quality. The Ultrazone Series Ozone Generators clean up aquarium water by removing unwanted organic decay, proteins and pollutants. By eliminating harmful organics, ozone increases the longevity of all marine life. The Ultrazone Series Ozone Generators manufacture ozone by passing oxygen molecules over a specially designed light source. The active oxygen creates superior water quality providing aquarium inhabitants with a clean environment for living and reproducing. Both the Ultrazone Mini and Ultrazone 360 are praised by hobbyists and profesionals for their safety, performance and low maintenance. These generators do not require air dryer as is the case with other ozone generators.

The ozone bulb and bulb chamber have been designed for easy user replacement. Ultrazone Mini can be used with an aquarium up to 125 gal.

  • Please note that all Ultralife ozonizers are drop shipped from the manufacturer.
  • This product is for advanced aquarists and can be harmful to your tank, other animals and people in the house if used improperly.
  • It is recommended that Ozonizers be used with a controller.
  • The air inlet is the fitting closest to the power cord, the output is the outlet away from the power cord.

Product Manuals & Documentation

Ultralife Ultrazone Mini - 200 mg/hour Ozonizer

Owner's Manual available for download in Adobe PDF file format

Manufacturer Info

Ultralife Reef Products is a manufacturer and distributor of equipment and supplies for freshwater, saltwater and reef aquariums. Many of their products, you will recognize from advertisements in national magazines and on the shelves in your local pet shop. However, they are constantly upgrading and developing new products to meet the needs of the aquarium industry.

11 Reviews



Experience Level: Expert

For Your Information or Not ?

I have owned and used commercial ozone generators, which produce ozone(O3)from corona discharge, producing up to 4,000ppb an hour.The units I have used,incorporated built-in controllers.Large amounts of ozone,need little time to be affective in small enclosed areas and could potentially create, a deadly environment.These large producing units, killed mold spores behind sheetrock and between walls in homes.PLEASE BE AWARE, the diluted odor of ozone can smell sweet,in very minuet amounts.When lighting strikes the ground,it usually produces a corona discharge,which in turn makes ozone,leaving the air with a clean smell afterwards.In higher ppb(parts-per-billion)it packs a pungent chlorine bleach odor,which can nauseate people, in amounts as small as 10ppb. Ozone is a powerful oxidant,as such,it will kill many bacteria's, viruses, molds,algae etc.Be carful,for ozone will oxidize most all metals and many polymers, like rubber O-rings.Above 100ppb,Ozone has the oxidizing power to damage respiratory tracts and mucous membrane in animals and cause tissue damage to plants.Ozone can deplete fast,if mixed with fresh oxygen (venting).When using an ozone generator in confined spaces,health and safety should be paramount,never use an ozone generator without a controller.Generators in continual use mode,should have a detector installed in close proximity,due to health and safety concerns.I have not purchased one of these units yet,but have been comparing manufacturers products and these are right up there at the top,for what they do.AS with any device,if it has O-rings or any rubber, use a silicone O-ring grease,for a good seal and years of longevity.If a unit has any contacts,wires or bulb sockets,an anti-Oxidant,like NOALOX electrical joint compound can be brushed on to prevent corrosion,for many,many years down the road. Knowledge is Power.

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Experience Level: Intermediate


Do not waste your money on any other O3 generator!!! I have had three Red Sea's and unlike the Red Sea 100 or 200, this set up in not going to corrode on you and stop working after a couple months or have keep those stupid blue beads dry. I have mine on a controller and going into a skimmer. You will absolutely need ozone safe airline and controller because it produces ozone extremely well. Cannot think of any negatives at this point.

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Experience Level: Expert

360 Mg Ozonator

excellent product, I installed ozone tubing from the ozonator to the venturi inlet I recommend hooking up an air pump to the ozone generator as it helps the skimmer build skim mate It really blast the algea and crud out of the water. I use this in conjunction with a UV light together the water stays crystal clear. I would highly recommend this product to a friend.

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Experience Level: Expert

Great Product

This is a great product out of the box. Easy to set up and get running, and no worries about having to dry air. The "one star" reviewer below did not read the instructions on how to install. They are, a bit vague, but if you follow the instructions exactly to the letter, you will have no problems. Hooked this up to a ORP controller and have had one week of stable ORP at 375. Works great - no complaints.

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Experience Level: Intermediate


Worked great for about a year.

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SHANE from Morehead City, NC UNITED STATE


Experience Level: Expert

Awesome Ozinator

First, please do your research before you buy one of these. Those who dont do their research end up rating the product unfairly with 1 star which is not the truth about this ozinator. Ok, that being said, I hooked this up directly to my venturi inlet on my skimmer using neoprene hosing (sold here on this site) and connected the other end of hose to the side that doesnt have the power cord on it, ie, the right side. The left side can be left bare, you dont have to connect anything to it because the hose connected to your venturi will draw air from the left side outlet. Once I turned it on, you almost immediatly do smell the ozone through the skimmer. The smell is a sweet doctors office fresh air smell and if you want to get rid of the smell, just place carbon over the top of your protein skimmer cup and no more smell. I plugged my ozinator into my reefkeeper elite and programed the parameters and it works fine. The people at Ultralife are very willing to help you with talking you through connecting your system and answering your questions. Excellent product. Good job Ultralife.

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ann from Mather, CA UNITED STATES


Experience Level: Intermediate

ultrazone ozonizer

The instructions that came with ozonizer is very vague; had to research online on how to operate it. The 1st hour that I used the ozonizer produced an odor that made me nauseous & dizzy; had to discontinue use.

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Experience Level: Expert


The best ozonizer I have ever used

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Experience Level: Intermediate

It Works-Not quiet sure How ?

I/m not quiet sure how this thing works , but after hooking up to my skimmer, after a huge nitrate spike that cost allot of sps corals. Things look allot better and water is clearer-the verdict is still out on all other claims. It took almost a month as marine depot does not carry these. They are drop shipped from manufacture.email me in 6 weeks. [email protected]

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Experience Level: Expert

Nice Ozonizer

I've purchased two red sea ozonizers in the past, each burning out because of the high humidity around the sump. This led me to drop the additional chunk of change and purchase the Ultralife 360 I've had the UltraLife 360 for almost a year now and I am completely satisfied. It does a fantastic job keeping down the organic material in my 210 stocked with tangs, anemones, and coral. Easily mounts to wall or board and requires no maintenance other than changing the bulb at the end of it's life. The bulb is housed in a stainless steel tube and that tube is surrounded by a PVC cover. Relatively compact with a small (digital?) transformer driving the bulb. Provides consistent ozone output regardless of humidity.

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