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Aquarium CO2 Regulators, Tanks, Check Valves, & Accessories

CO2 Regulators, Components, Accessories & Parts
Bubble Counters / Diffusers
Bubble counters monitor the CO2 dosages in an aquarium and/or filter components. They display the flow rate of CO2 being delivered and should be installed in a low pressure section of your gas delivery system.
Check Valves
Check valves are generally positioned between a CO2 regulator and the bubble to prevent water from flowing back to the regulator. Check valves can save valuable equipment from water damage in the event of a power failure.
CO2 Manifold
Manifolds allow you to dispense CO2 to different aquariums using one CO2 bottle and one CO2 regulator.
CO2 Reactors
Used in conjunction with a CO2 source, a CO2 reactor will maintain the desired level of CO2 in a planted aquarium.
CO2 Regulators
Regulators control the flow of CO2 from your CO2 tank. They are perfect for calcium reactor and freshwater plan CO2 injection applications.
CO2 Tanks/Cylinders
Refillable CO2 tanks and cylinders are used with a regulator to dose CO2 into an aquarium. Tanks and cylinders are shipped empty for precautionary reasons but may be filled at welding shops, medical supply companies, beverage bottling plants, etc.
CO2 Tubing
Regulators control the flow of CO2 from your CO2 tank. They are perfect for calcium reactor and freshwater plan CO2 injection applications.
CO2 Plumbing Parts
Miscellaneous components used for plumbing CO2 and/or controlling the flow into and out of filters/reactors.
CO2 (carbon dioxide) is utilized by calcium reactors to dissolve media and release calcium into the reef aquarium. And, since nearly half the dry matter of any plant is carbon, CO2 is also a popular plant nutrient for freshwater planted tanks. Here you’ll find just about every accessory you might need for a calcium reactor or freshwater planted tank, from CO2 Cylinders to CO2 Reactors (for freshwater planted aquariums), and everything in between.

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