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Filter Media for Aquariums & Fish Tanks

Filter Media Products
AquaMaxx Filter Media
AquaMaxx filter media solutions reduce and remove organics that cause smelly water, yellow tinting and problematic algae caused by nitrate and/or phosphate. Each formula is specially designed and thoroughly tested for use in saltwater aquarium systems.
Filter Pads
Filter pads that can be cut to size for trapping detritus in wet/dry and sump type filters. An excellent mechanical filter media.
Filter Socks
Excellent for trapping detritus and reducing air bubbles in the main aquarium.
Aquarium Pharmaceuticals Aquarium Filter Media
Scientifically-advanced filter media available. Chemical filter media for phosphates, silicates, calcium, magnesium, heavy metal ions, nitrates, ammonia and more.
Bio Balls Fish Tank Filter Media
Suitable for wet/dry filters for fresh and saltwater aquariums. Provides the maximum surface area and the greatest possible mix of air and water.
Brightwell Aquatics Fish Tank Filter Media
An advanced all-in-one filtration media compatible with both fresh and saltwater aquariums of all sizes. The easy to use media is the most comprehensive and reliable solution for aquarists of all skill levels.
Brightwell Aquatics Fish Tank Filter Media
A premium quality activated carbon and a regenerable phosphate adsorption resin to help keep your reef tank free of pollutants and eliminate phosphates.
CaribSea L.S.M. Live Sulfur Aquarium Filter Media
Ideal for dual chamber reactors, use our A.R.M. in one reactor and place the L.S.M. in another. This will result in a system that will deliver elevated calcium, and reduced nitrates.
Chemi-pure Fish Tank Filter Media
High grade carbon and ion generator/exchange unit all in one media bag. One unit suitable for aquariums up to 40 gallons, use multiple units for larger tanks. Lasts up to 6 months.
Continuum Aquatics Filter Media
We carry the complete line of Continuum Aquatics filter media solutions: reef•basis captiv phos Fe and captiv phos W remove algae fuels like phosphates and silicates while labyrinth carbon is designed for the adsorption of pollutants while having a minimal impact on trace minerals and pH.
CPR BIO-BALE Biological Aquarium Filter Media
Owes its extreme effectiveness to its high surface area versus volume and its unique surface texture.
D-D ROWA Fish Tank Filter Media
Filter media that helps remove phosphate and silicate in all types of aquariums.
Eheim Aquarium Filter Media
All EHEIM Filter Media are tested in their laboratories and guarantee consistent effectiveness. For all your filters mechanical, biological, chemical and adsorptive needs.
ESV Granular Activated Carbon Aquarium Filter Media
The best combination of pore size, large particle size, high surface area, low ash & hardness for chemically filtering aquarium water. No leaching of phosphates.
Evolution Aqua PURE Biological Media
Uses groundbreaking technology to maintain crystal clear and healthy water in marine and reef aquariums. Reduces organic waste. Maintains a biological equilibrium. Improves nitrification.
Filter Media Bags
Filter media bags, made of nylon mesh, hold carbon, ammonia and phosphate removing media. Available in micron and dimensional sizes with a drawstring top for convenience.
Hagen Filter Media
All the media needed for the Fluval canister filters or other canister filters, including biological, mechanical and chemical media.
Kent Marine Filter Media
Extremely high quality full-line of filter media including carbon, phosphate and nitrate reducers.
Korallen-Zucht ZEOVit Activated Carbon Aquarium Filter Media
ZEOvit Carbon absorbs poisonous and remove yellowing compounds from the water. ZEOmag Magnesium Granulate for use in calcium reactors to maintain magnesium levels. ZEOlite Reactor Media consists of 3 different sized untreated and all natural Zeoliths.
Lifegard Aquatics Activated Carbon Fish Tank Filter Media
A carbon with high adsorption capacity achieved by a wide range and quantity of internal carbon pore sizes.
Magnavore PURA Aquarium Filter Media
Extremely efficient and cost-effective filter media for marine, reef and freshwater aquariums. Try PURA PhosLock for phosphate removal, PURA Complete (a select grade of bituminous carbon and top grade zeo-sorbent) and/or PURA Filtration Pads.
Marineland Black Diamond / Diamond Blend Ammo-Carb Carbon Aquarium Filter Media
Black Diamond Premium Activated Carbon eliminates discoloration, odors, and impurities...and keeps on doing it long after other carbons quit. Diamond Blend Premium Activated Carbon and Ammonia-Neutralizing Crystals are ideal for new aquariums.
NP Biopellets Filter Media
This product has been developed for aquarists who want to supply their aquarium inhabitants with large quantities of feeds without negatively affecting water quality. The husbandry of marine species has made crucial step forward with the use of NP Biopellets.
Orca Laboratories Nitra-Guard Bio-Cubes V4
The world's fastest & most effective carbohydrate based nitrate remover. Reduces 50ppm Nitrate to 0ppm within 1 to 2 weeks in Freshwater and Seawater. 100% natural, biological Nitrate removal. No effect on pH or alkalinity.
Red Sea Max Carbon Aquarium Filter Media
Actively absorbs odors, organic pollutants, colors, toxic compounds and medications. Provided in a mesh bag to easily fit in the right location for the Max filtration system.
Seachem Filter Media
A wide range of filter media, including carbon and phosphate removers, that have been scientifically tested for quality assurance. Very high quality products.
Two Little Fishies Filter Media
HydroCarbon, Phosban and Phosban Reactors. The Phosban Reactor is designed with the up-flow principle to achieve the most efficient use of media. Very high grade media.
Warner Marine ecoBAK Filter Media
A biodegradable polymer that serves as both a substrate and a stable and consistent organic Carbon food source for bacterial strains that consume organic compounds including Nitrate and Phosphate.
There are many types of fish tank filter media, so it is important to understand that each type performs a different task within the aquarium. Fortunately, we sell all the media you’ll ever need for your aquarium, from mechanical (sponges and pads) and chemical (carbon, phosphate removers) to biological (bio balls) media.

You can learn more about chemical filter media by visiting our Education Center. Using carbon in your aquarium will help keep the water crystal clear, while the use of phosphate and/or nitrate removers can aide in the reduction of nuisance algae.

ESV, Two Little Fishies, Seachem, Kent Marine and Boyd’s Chemipure each produce high-quality, low-cost filter media that remain popular among aquarium aficionados.

We carry an assortment of media bags for your filter media if a fluidized bed filter is not being used.

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