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Aquarium Fish Medications

Aqua Vision Aquatics Medications
Keep your aquarium under control by eliminating potentially problematic inhabitants from harming your aquarium species. Apply and see results within minutes of application.
Aquarium Pharmaceuticals Medications
A full line of medications for parasites, bacterial and fungal infections. Includes Super Ick Cure, Melafix, Pimafix and Fungus Cure, to name a few.
Blue Life USA Medications
Veterinarian-approved medications from Blue Life USA include Aiptasia Control, Red Slime Control (cyanobacteria) and Flatworm Control.
Boyd Enterprises Chemiclean
Removes disease causing red cyanobacteria (red slime) from live coral and clarifies aquarium water to crystal clear. Promotes ideal enzyme balance.
Chem-Marin Stop Aiptasia and Stop Parasite
Stop Aiptasia rids your tank of pesky aiptasia anemones. Stop Parasite controls parasites, such as Oodinium and Cryptocaryon. Stop Hair Algae rids aquariums of hair algae safely and effectively.
Easy-Life International Medications
Voogle increases resistance and supports the natural healing process. Excital displaces red slime algae (Cyano sp.) by stimulating the growth of specific micro-organisms in light-sensitive places in the aquarium.
Kent Marine Tectra-D (Coral Dip), Rx-P (Parasite Treatment), Poly-Ox(Red Slime Remover)
Poly-Ox Red Slime prevents the growth of cyanobacteria (red or blue-green slime algae) by removing their food source.
Korallen-Zucht Flatworm Stop Medication
An effective help against tissue eating flatworms on Acropora and for ailing SPS. Flatworm Stop strengthens all kind of corals and reduces parasitical flatworms on Acropora corals at the same time. Made in Germany.
Kordon Rid-Ich, Rid Fungus, Acriflavin, Formalin-3, etc.
Use Kordon medications to treat parasites, bacterial and fungal infections. We carry more than 15 varieties of Kordon medications, such as Rid-Ich, Formalin 3 and Ich Attack, that are effective, affordable and specifically formulated for saltwater aquaria.
Polyp Lab Medic
A highly effective treatment for external fish parasites present in both marine and freshwater environments. Effective against: Marine Ich, Freshwater Ich and Marine Velvet.
Red Sea Aiptasia-X
Aiptasia-X consists of natural components which form a uniquely thick, adhesive material. Instead of causing the Aiptasia to feel threatened, the unique formula is sensed as food stimulating the anemone to expand and ingest the material.
Ruby Reef Kick Ich and etc.
Marine and reef aquarists trust Ruby Reef medications like Kick Ich to control marine ich, Rally, for bacteria, flukes or oodinia (marine velvet) and Hydroplex, a dip used to control bacteria, external parasites and fungi.
Salifert Flatworm Exit
A reef-safe solution to rid your reef tank of the pesky flatworms in your tank.
Seachem Cupramine, Paraguard, Aquazole & Focus
A complete line of medications for parasites and bacterial infections in marine and freshwater environments. Not reef safe, best used in a hospital tank.
Tropic Marin Elimi-Aiptas, Pro-Coral Cure
Tropic Marin ELIMI-AIPTAS is effective against Aiptasia anemones and other unwanted cnidarians; quick and reliable with no effect on water chemistry. PRO-CORAL CURE is effective against flatworms, parasitic sea spiders (Pantopoda) and microbial diseases.
Ultralife Reef Safe Medications
Don't let 'Red Slime' or 'Hair & Sludge' destroy the beauty of your aquarium. Remove that unsightly algae quickly w/o harm to fish, invertebrates, corals or reef inhabitants.
Medications are used to treat a sick fish or rid an aquarium of unwanted life forms. It’s important to note that even with regular maintenance, disease and/or infestations can still arise and should be addressed quickly to thwart further problems.

The most common fish disease is ich (ick). Of course, there are many other diseases which can affect the animals in your tank.

Ideally, sick fish should be treated in a quarantine tank. If this is not possible, there are aquarium fish medications available (although less potent) that will allow you to treat the fish in your display tank.

To prevent your fish from becoming sick, you should try to maintain their optimal health by keeping a stable and healthy environment.

If you’ve experienced an outbreak of aiptasia, red flatworms or slime algae, there are several medications that treat these types of situations.

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