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Coral Adhesives and Epoxy

Seachem Reef Glue

Reef Glue is a superior cyanoacrylate gel for gluing and mounting coral frags and colonies to reef rock or plugs. It bonds within seconds and has excellent control, hold and durability characteristics. It can even be used underwater. Reef Glue can be used for any aquascaping in freshwater or saltwater aquariums or for any plastics repairs.
Seachem Reef Glue
Item #DescriptionPrice 
SC31150Seachem Reef Glue - 20g$6.99
EcoTech Marine Elements Coral Glue

Whether you are working with coral frags or sculpturing your live rock; this glue will get the job done. Finally superior inter-molecular bonding in a form that is easy to apply, less messy, and has an extended shelf life. Try a superior product from the company that brought you the VorTech pump and experience glue the way it should be.
EcoTech Marine Coral Glue
Item #DescriptionPrice 
EM58451EcoTech Marine Elements Coral Glue - 30ml$9.99
EM15981EcoTech Marine Elements Coral Glue - 75ml$19.99
Reef Aquarium
Boston Aqua Farms Reef Glue (Thicker, Colored, Gel, Accelerator, Debonder, Epoxy)
Boston Aqua Farms Reef Glue (Thicker, Colored, Gel, Accelerator, Debonder, Epoxy)
Boston Aqua Farms Reef Glue is a thick cyanoacrylate super glue made specifically for Boston Aqua Farms while the accelerator works with Reef Glue, and causes the glue to cure almost instantly. Will not harm corals and allows you to keep your coral frags out of the water for the minimum amount of time.
Item #DescriptionPrice 
BA1211Boston Aqua Farms Thicker Reef Glue 2oz$11.99
BA1221Boston Aqua Farms Colored Reef Glue 2oz$11.99
BA1231Boston Aqua Farms Reef Glue Gel 20gm$11.99
BA1251Boston Aqua Farms Reef Glue Accelerator 2oz with 1mL Pipette$9.99
BA1291Boston Aqua Farms Colored Reef Epoxy Putty 2oz$8.00
BSI Cyanoacrylate IC-Gel
IC-GEL™ is a cyanoacrylate paste that is extremely thick which comes in an applicator tube like toothpaste. It has the same bonding and curing time characteristics as MAXI-CURE™; IC-Gel™, however, can be applied to a vertical surface and will stay in place. It will not run. This can be very convenient for some assembly applications. Applying CA to the bottom of a horizontal surface, such as a ceiling, can be very difficult with anything other than a full standard CA bottle. IC-GEL™ can be applied at any angle with just a squeeze of the tube. The gel does, however, have a tendency to continue to come out of the tube for about a second after pressure is released, so this must be taken into account to apply the exact amount of IC-GEL™ that you want.

IC-GEL™ is an excellent putty for plastic models. It will fill any void and can be formed to many shapes. Applying INSTA-SET™ allows IC-GEL™ to be sanded or filed to final shape in less than 20 seconds. Autobody repairmen have finished their jobs in a fraction of the time by using IC-GEL™ with the additional advantage over normal body putties of superior bonding to metal surfaces. IC-GEL™, along with MAXI-CURE™, is also used for the underwater bonding of coral to rock.
BSI Cyanoacrylate IC-Gel
Item #DescriptionPrice 
YJ1111Bob Smith Industries BSI Cyanoacrylate IC-Gel Aquarium Frag Glue - 20 gram$6.99
Two Little Fishies CorAffix Cyanoacrylate Adhesive
CorAffix is an ethyl cyanoacrylate bonding compound for use in aquarium aquascaping and coral culture. Ideal for attaching stony corals, gorgonians, and other sessile invertebrates in natural positions on live rock in aquariums and also for attaching coral frags to bases in coral culturing.

Directions: For "frags": Place a spot of CorAffix on a base rock or plug. Press the frag onto it and wet with seawater to accelerate herdening. Cures within 20 seconds. For aquascaping: Do not insert bottle underwater. Place a spot of CorAffix on the underside of a coral above water and quickly insert the coral in seawater to form a skin. Repeat, forming layers, until there is a sufficient quantity for making the attachment. Press the coral in the position underwater, causing CorAffix to spread between the coral and attachment point. Hold in place for 30 seconds. If a secure bond does not form, apply another layer of CorAffix and try again.

Keep out of reach of children and pets: Wear goggles and gloves when using. This product can bond skin, eyes, mouth. For skin contact, wash with soapy water for several minutes. First Aid: Consult physician and MSDS.

Contains: Ethyl Cyanoacrylate Ester.
ESV Zap Gel
Item #DescriptionPrice 
TL1631Two Little Fishies CorAffix 2oz Cyanoacrylate Adhesive$7.99
TL1633Two Little Fishies CorAffix Gel 0.70oz Cyanoacrylate Adhesive$7.99
TL44103Two Little Fishies CorAffix Pro Cyanoacrylate Adhesive Coral Glue - 295ml$49.99
D-D ROWA Aquascape Epoxy
AquaScape has been specially developed in association with Milliput for use within Marine Aquariums. AquaScape cures underwater to the color of coralline algae, which makes it far more aesthetic than standard aquarium epoxy. ROWA Aquascape Epoxy
Item #DescriptionPrice 
RW2111D-D AquaScape Aquarium Epoxy Purple - 4oz$9.99
Two Little Fishies AquaStik Underwater Epoxy
AquaStik™ Red Coralline. Underwater Epoxy Putty for marine aquariums and reef aquariums. Color matches coralline algae and live rock. Excellent for securing rock, stony corals, gorgonians and aquatic plants. Non-toxic to fish, plants & small animals. Cures dry, damp, or underwater. 2 oz. (57 g).

AquaStik™ Stone Grey. Underwater Epoxy Putty for marine and freshwater aquariums, Ponds and Paludariums. Also useful in Reptile & Small Animal habitats. Neutral color. Non-toxic to fish, plants & small animals. Cures dry, damp, or underwater. 4 oz. (114 g).
AquaStik Underwater Epoxy
Item #DescriptionPrice 
TL1615Two Little Fishies AquaStik Stone Grey - 2 oz.$8.49
TL1611Two Little Fishies Aquastik Stone Grey - 4 oz.$8.99
TL1613Two Little Fishies Aquastik Red Coralline - 2 oz.$8.49
TL1617Two Little Fishies AquaStik Red Coralline - 4 oz.$9.99
TL16151Two Little Fishies 2 oz. AquaStik Stone Grey & 2 oz. CorAffix Cyanoacrylate Adhesive$16.49
TL16131Two Little Fishies 2 oz. AquaStik Red Coralline & 2 oz. CorAffix Cyanoacrylate Adhesive$16.49
ESV Zap Gel
A cyanoacrylate gel type instant adhesive. Excellent for gluing stony coral fragments to coral rock and other surfaces. No messy mixing of 2-part epoxy puttys, or concern with irritation to tank inhabitants from leaching amine epoxy curing agents. Highest purity cyanoacrylate adhesive available (not diluted with low-cost resins). ESV Zap Gel
Item #DescriptionPrice 
EV2185E.S.V. Zap Gel Instant Adhesive 0.11 oz. Tube$2.99
EV2186E.S.V. Zap Gel Instant Adhesive 0.70 oz. Tube$10.99
Mr. Sticky`s Underwater Glue
Mr. Sticky`s® Underwater Glue actually bonds strongly to PVC, can be easily applied and bonded underwater, and remains flexible. Mr. Sticky`s® 30 Gram Manual Syringe System. All of our adhesives are available in the 30 gram dual-syringe system. Simply cut the tips, dispense the adhesive`s two parts by depressing the plunger, mix manually, apply to your project, fit cap after use. This is our most economical package. Tunze Silicon Glue
Tunze Silicon Glue

Great for gluing suction cups and other objects to glass aquariums.
Tunze Silicon Glue
Tunze Coral Fix Epoxy

Epoxy resin based adhesive for safe attachment of coral offshoots on stony substrates. Dyed red, similar to calcareous algae, suitable especially for coral reef aquariums. It is also suitable for attaching glass, ceramics, wood and many plastics.
Tunze Silicon Glue
Item #DescriptionPrice 
TZ1141Tunze Coral Fix Epoxy (4oz) - 0104.710$13.49
Vertex V-Colla Viola Aquarium Epoxy

Developed specifically for aquarium use this violet colored epoxy will blend perfectly with your aquascape. It is pH nuetral and causes minimal clouding in your water column.
Vertex Epoxy
Item #DescriptionPrice 
VX70012Vertex V-Colla Viola Aquarium Epoxy - 4 oz.$11.99
Fluval Aquatic Epoxy Stick

Ideal for attaching rock structures, corals and certain aquatic plants to decorative surfaces. Completely cures underwater in 24 hours. Non-toxic and safe for aquatic plants, fish, and reptiles.
Fluval Aquatic Epoxy
Item #DescriptionPrice 
HG14353Fluval Aquatic Epoxy Stick$8.59

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