ViaAqua Multi-Skimmer Deluxe w/ 5W UV Sterilizer

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This item has been discontinued.


Introducing the next generation in hang on the back protein skimmers. The ViaAqua Multi-Skimmer is more versatile than any other hang on the back filtration system in the market today. It is a protein skimmer, mechanical, chemical and either a biological filter or an ultraviolet sterilizer all in a perfect single unit. The ViaAqua Multi-Skimmer is the latest in marine filtration technology.

Variable Venturi

The patent pending variable venturi is an intake venturi which produces more air and dryer foam than any other protein skimmer is its class. The variable venturi allows the protein skimmer to be easily adjusted depending on water temperature, salinity, and/or biological load to insure optimum performance.

External Water Pump The ViaAqua water pump is a 200 GPH quiet, reliable and energy efficient.

Adjustable Collection Cup

If needed the friction adjustable collection cup can be raised or lowered to insure dry foam.

Filter Cartridge

Multi-Skimmers filer cartridge is a mechanical and chemical filter in one. Inside the filter tray is activated carbon, which is divided evenly through out the filter cartridge. Activated carbon removes discoloration and odor while the water polishing filter pad will remove small floating debris.

UV or BIO Chamber

Built into the Multi-Skimmer is a chamber for either biological media or the drop in 5 watt compact PL ultraviolet sterilizer.

Compact PL Ultraviolet Sterilizer

The UV Sterilizer is a 5 watt compact PL UV bulb surrounded by a quartz sleeve for increased efficiency and is enclosed in a replaceable high-density UV resistant plastic that drops directly into the UV-Bio Chamber of the Multi-Skimmer. Ultraviolet light eliminates single cell floating algae and destroys most harmful microorganisms providing a clear healthy aquarium. Available standard in the ViaAqua Multi-Skimmer Deluxe or an additional option for the Multi-Skimmer.

Manufacturer Info

Commodity Axis is an importer, exporter and manufacturer of products for the Aquatic industries. Headquartered in the United States, we primarily work with companies within the Pacific Rim-China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong and Thailand.



Experience Level: Intermediate

very happy

my new skimmer works great, the water in my tank was clearer & my fish were looking happyer on the 1st day i told my live stock dealer about it & he had not seen a skimmer with the uv sterilizer in it

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Just useless

If you need an expensive hang on filter, this is what you are looking for. Never, ever let the pump suck air if your neighbours do not care that much noise.

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Experience Level: Intermediate


Not sure yet. It was defective, leaked from the first moment I put water in it. I hope it has better quality than this.. I'm waiting for my replacement.

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Experience Level: Intermediate

waste of money

Great idea, poorly constructed and designed. Made with cheap materials that I broke before even installing it. Also its too big to hang on my tank with the glass hood I have

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Michael from

Multi Skimmer

This is a nice product - I am using it in combination with a Fluval and reverse UG. The UV light was broken when I got it, ViaAqua replaced it quickly with no complaints. Michael

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Brian from

Multi- Skimmer

Very loud, Good design, poorly constucted. It is perfect on a quarantine tank.

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CAca from


Way too Loud!!!! if you have any suggestions on how to quite it down let me know

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Dave from

inoperable junk

piece of inoperable ****, will not purchase viaaqua again even after speaking to a tech that could not find his butt with both hands, did get delivered and billed for though,IE; 1 star

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