Warner Marine K-2 10 Inch Cone Protein Skimmer w/ VBT Technology

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This item has been discontinued.

Warner Marine Research

Warner Marine 10 Inch Cone Skimmer w/ VBT Technology


  • Power Consumption / Air Flow: 22W @ 960LPH air flow (36 SCFH)
  • Tank Capacity: 300 gallons with Light Bioload
  • Base Reaction Chamber Diameter: 10 Inch
  • Cover
  • Custom Venturi
  • Molded Pinwheel.
Warner Marine Research is now introducing the ultimate in turbulence reducing technology.

The Problem

With the introduction of the “bubble plate”, we have seen turbulence levels inside Protein Skimmer bodies reduced and skimmate quality increased. However, the “bubble plate” is not a complete solution and not the best solution for reducing internal turbulence.

The typical “bubble plate” is situated in the lower quarter of the protein Skimmer body and is typically 70-100% of the Skimmer body diameter. The needle wheel pump injects the water and air mixture into the “bubble plate” chamber. The air/water mixture is propelled upwards out of the holes in the bubble plate. Because of buoyancy the bubbles will rise, but what does the water do? The water is pushed upwards near the neck and 100% of the water injected by the needle wheel pump drops back down and exits the Protein Skimmer through an output low in the body, frequently below the “bubble plate”. 100% of this water must pass along the inner body wall down around the edges of the “bubble plate”. The pathway of the processed water creates it's own turbulence as it flows from near the top of the body down the inner side walls and flows past the “bubble plate” toward the output fitting.

Effects of Turbulence

There are two different forms of turbulence produced by modern “bubble plate” technology.

1) Peripheral Expansion

The air/water mixture exiting the “bubble plate” rises and expands, pushing the water outwards towards the inner body walls where it drops down past the bubble plate to the output fitting.

2) Horizontal Shear

As the processed water flows downward, rushing past the edge of the bubble plate, water is deflected horizontally by the edge of the “bubble plate” (or riser extension or conical extension). This shearing flow interferes with the output of the bubble plate at it's extremities pushing the expanding air/water mixture towards the center of the skimmer body.

The Solution

We started with the goal of reducing inner body turbulence to maximize the capacity for air flow in a certain size body. The primary flaw in the “bubble plate” technology is the flow of water exclusively along the inner body wall past the bubble plate AND the horizontal turbulence caused by expansion and by shear flows.

The solution is simple yet elegant. We have designed and built an injecting technology that allows water to flow down to the output through the CENTER of the skimmer body. (utilizing one or more holes that pass through the bubble plate equalizing the pressure variance)

The Effect

The “Bubble Ring” effectively reduces outward and downward expansion turbulence in the upper and middle sections of the skimmer body. The “Bubble Ring” severely reduces horizontal shear turbulence across the face of the bubble plate area.

The effect is clearly and plainly visible in person. Apparent turbulence is reduced, the stability of the foam head is increased and the air/water mixture capacity of the body is increased. The skimmate will be more concentrated, dark and break-in time is reduced.

-- Jon Warner at Warner Marine

MICHAEL from SoCal


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K2 Skimmer

This is a great skimmer. I was tossed between 3 different skimmers with the WM K2 being one of them. I think what pushed me to buy this one is that the body is made here in the US. As far as the performance goes, the way the bubbles move up the body is silky smooth. This is the least turbulent skimmer I've ever owned. The skimmer cup is HUGE compared to the other 2 choices I had. I also like the gate vavle to control the bubble breaking point. It's much more accurate than the wedge style outlet.

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