Warner Marine ecoBAK BioPellet Filter Media

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Warner Marine Research

  • Bio-Degradable Polymer filter media.
  • Patent Pending Formulation
  • Developed exclusively by Warner Marine
  • Lowers levels of dissolved organics
  • Reduces Nitrates and Phosphates
  • Lasts up to 12 months
  • Safe, effective and easy to use
EcoBAK is a unique and revolutionary product that will change the way marine and reef aquariums are maintained. EcoBAK is a biodegradable polymer that serves as both a substrate and a stable and consistent organic Carbon food source for bacterial strains that consume organic compounds including Nitrate and Phosphate. In effect, ecoBAK reduces nuisance algae clarifies water and supplies Planktonic bacteria as a food source for corals in the reef aquarium. EcoBAK works naturally, with NO harmful chemical additives.

What’s this mean for your tank?

You will now have water quality that previously could ONLY be obtained by frequent water changes, giant protein skimmers and expensive Zeolite systems.

You will have less problems with nuisance algae, your corals will grow better and look better (better colors) and your fish will be healthier. You will be able to feed your system more food as you no longer have to worry about raising your Phosphate and Nitrate levels.

How do you do it?

Place the ecoBAK in a suitable fluidized reactor or in many instances a media bag. Run approximately 100gph of flow thru each liter of media. Make sure you run a protein skimmer and make sure it’s working well. If possible, run the output of the reactor into the same sump area as the intake pump for the skimmer.


Use 250ml per 50 gallons of water volume. Rinse the ecoBAK pellets in purified fresh water. The pellets can be soaked overnight to reduce floating pellets. Add the rinsed pellets into a fluidized bio-pellet media reactor. Attach a small pump to the reactor and adjust flow to approximately 100gph per liter of ecoBAK. The proper amount of flow will create a gentle tumbling effect inside the reactor. Direct the output of the reactor into the same area as the protein skimmer pump intake. Within 3-4 weeks the ecoBAK will be sufficiently colonized with bacteria to begin reducing organic compounds. Aquariums with high bio-load may experience a short period of temporary water cloudiness. Tips for best performance:

Start off with 1/3 of the recommended dosage of ecoBAK and add another 1/3 every week until a full dosage is employed.

Remember to run a GENTLE tumble. An overly aggressive tumble is counter productive.

Aquariums with very high Nitrate and Phosphate (Nitrate 40ppm+, Phosphate 2ppm+) should start off slowly, with 1/4 dosage of ecoBAK, confirm proper function of protein skimmer and confirm that circulation pumps are running and agitating the water surface.

Make sure your protein skimmer is properly rated for your aquarium. Protein skimmer manufacturers frequently exaggerate the capacity ratings of their skimmers.

Replace ecoBAK as it is consumed by bacteria.



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I use many products in the quest for "less than detectable" levels of nitrates. I use polyfilters religiously and a protein skimmer sized 10 times larger than recommended. My refugium is packed with macro algae and I harvest weekly. I added this product on a whim, I purchased 3 next reef MR1XL media reactors (biopellets, purigen, chemipure elite) as "scrubbers" for my system. The product will do what it advertises when directions are followed. I think the best thing I can do is to share my flow rates as no one has given pump/flow/reactor info. So here's what I have experienced. Using 1L of the ecobak in the MR1XL will require a minimum of around 225GPH flow. I connected it directly to an Eheim 2217 to test and found it tumbles nicely (2217 rated at 264GPH). From this I can forsee it tumbling at lower flow in a smaller diameter reactor (the MR1 is 4"). The ecobak pellets expand approx. 1.25 times in volume (not size) when tumbling so my MR1XL could easily hold 2 liters, 3 would be the very max and might actually top out the reactor in flow rates above 300GPH (which will foul the tumbling). I'd expect this data to very similiar among all the biopellet manufacturers. Hope this helped in your product and hardware choices, I also have similiar reviews for flows under the MR1XL and purigen products. Aloha

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warner biopellets

sorry, i tried this for 2 months and my experience with this product wasn't that good. it started slimming up my sump, protein skimmer, etc... within a month and desolved quickly.

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Great Product!!!

I have been using the Warner Marine ecoBAK biopellets for over a year now and my Nitrates have been ZERO ever since. Make sure your reactor keeps them tumbling so they don't clump together and they will work perfect. I would highly recommend this product to anyone in this hobby who struggles with Nitrates & Phosphates.

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Magic in a Bottle!

I've been using Warner Marine ecoBAK Biopellets for almost two years now. Before using these, I had good water parameters but could never get my Nitrates below 10-15 ppm. I did a little research and decided to purchase a media reactor and try out some biopellets. That's when the magic happened! Setup of the media reactor was simple (probably the easiest piece of equipment in this hobby to set up). I added about 250ml of Warner Marine ecoBAK biopellets, ran them for about a week, then added another 250ml. I run +/- 500 ml on my 90 gallon tank (total tank volume with sump and filters is closer to 115 gallons). I flow the water through the media reactor faster than most recommend, but I prefer that the biopellets stay suspended and churning so that they do not stick or clump together. After about three weeks of running the Warner Marine ecoBAK biopellets my Nitrates flat-lined to ZERO (0). That's right...ZERO, NIL, NOTHING, NOTTA, ... Since that time whenever I check my water parameters, my Nitrates are always ZERO, and my Phosphates are near ZERO also. Water clarity is also amazing! I have a reef tank with a tons of LPS (lots of frogspawns, branch hammaers, torch corals, acans, trumpets, etc.), SPS (birdsnest, acros, etc.), mushrooms, clams, polyps, and multiple species of fish including 1-Blue Jaw Trigger, 1-Anularus Angel, 2-Snow-Flake Clowns, 1-Four-Line Wrasse, 1-Malunarus Wrasse, 2-Blue-Gree Cromis, and 1-gobby. The Warner Marine ecoBAK biopellets allow me to feed everything heavily which keeps evertying happy, happy, happy! I would highly recommend this product to anyone in this hobby who struggles with Nitrates & Phosphates. This product makes this hobby much more enjoyable and worry-free.

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The absolute BEST pellets

I have been using EcoBak for over 2 years on my system. They are by far the best thing I ever added to my tank. I have a SPS dominant tank but also have lots of ricordea and zoas and LPS. They all thrive because I am able to feed the tank large amounts and never have nutrient issues. There is no substitute, these pellets are by far superior than any other pellet on the market IMO. Water based extraction method as opposed to solvent based methods that are used by many other pellets available is where you will see the difference. No cloudiness, no clogging. I wont use anything else on my tank. So just click the purchase button now, you wont regret it.

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If you want the best it here

I have been using Warner Marine egoBAK Pellets for many years now and it is the best Bio Pellets on the market. I run 1000ml in my reactor at a time. In one year I will use 1000-1500ml. Ever since I been using egoBAK my nitrates have been 0. I test them with a Salient test kit.

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