World Atlas of Marine Fishes by Rudie Kuiter and Helmut Debelius

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With more than 6000 photographs of marine fishes this book sets a new benchmark for their identification. It provides the greatest possible coverage and is aimed primarily to assist people interested in marine fishes and their scientific names or classification.

Presented here are the fishes one is likely to see when diving or snorkeling in the sea, as well as those that are traded in the aquarium industry. This World Atlas includes both tropical and temperate fishes.

Depending on the size and popularity of the groups or families, introductions to these provide general information, distribution and habitat, number of species, interesting facts on behavior and aquarium suitability. In the case of very large families like wrasses, damsels or gobies, separate introductions may be dedicated to each distinctive group or subfamily.

The greatest possible number of photographs is used on a page, but in sizes that clearly identify the fish. Variable species may be illustrated with more than one picture. In all, included are some 4,200 species.

This is an invaluable reference book for the great variety of marine fishes found in the world’s seas. As such it addresses all fish enthusiasts—divers, snorkelers, fish watchers, fisherman, reef surveyors, aquarists, ichthyologists and bio-geographers.

720 Pages
6200 Color Photos
4200 Species + Variations

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Experience Level: Intermediate

Not for aquarium hobby

It is a book for Marine Fishes, not for aquarium fishes. Many fishes area outside aquarium hobby. I wish they include some useful description, not just photos. Not very useful if you are intended to use it as a reference for your fishes (if this is your case I will recommend other pocket books).

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Experience Level: Intermediate

Great book

This proved to be an excellent photo book for almost every reef species seen in the trade. Not a whole lot of information specific to a particular species but extraordinary pics.

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