Boyd Enterprises Additives/Supplements (Calcium, Iodide, Red Slime Remover, etc)

Boyd Enterprises Vitachem
Boyd Enterprises A complete vitamin supplement with natural lipids and aminos. It's great for fin regeneration & preventing lateral line disease. Highest amount of active vitamin C available.
Item #DescriptionPrice 
BE1131Boyd Vitachem 4 oz.$11.99
Boyd Enterprises Chemipure Additive
Boyd Enterprises Chemipure Additives A chemical absorption filter and ion generator and exchange unit which removes harmful waste products and toxins.
Item #DescriptionPrice 
BE1113Boyd Chemi-Pure 10oz$9.99
Boyd Enterprises Chemiclean
Removes disease causing red cyano bacteria (red slime) from live coral. Oxidizes trapped organic sludge and sediment. Clarifies aquarium water to crystal clear. Promotes ideal enzyme balance. Safe for reef tanks, all invertebrates, desirable macro algaes, nitrifying bacteria and fish.
Item #DescriptionPrice 
BE1115Boyd Chemiclean Red Cyano Bacteria Remover Treatment - 2 grams$15.99
BE1117Boyd Chemiclean Red Cyano Bacteria Remover Treatment - 6 grams$28.99
BE1119Boyd Chemiclean Liquid Red Cyano Bacteria Remover Treatment - 2 oz.$24.99