Marina Air Stones/Diffusers

Marina Mist Air Stone
Hagen Mist Air Stone Marina Mist Air Stone
  • 3 pieces per pack
  • Durable air stones effectively create water currents and dazzling underwater scenes
  • Increases surface agitation, oxygenates water
  • Helps release carbon dioxide build-up
  • Small sizes fit common box filters and undergravel riser stems
  • Fits standard airline tubing
Item #DescriptionPrice 
HG10983Marina Mist Air Stone (3/pkg)$2.99
Marina Air Diffuser
Marina Air Diffuser Marina Air Diffuser
  • The Power Agitator
  • Flexible, porous air tubes with large surface area
  • Provide powerful aeration and water agitation
  • Complete with ceramic weights to hold in place
  • Can be formed into many shapes to produce beautiful bubble displays and air curtains
  • Requires very little pressure
  • Does not consume oxygen vital to fish
  • Include cleaning ring that slides along the tube to prevent clogging
  • Safe for fresh or salt water
Item #DescriptionPrice 
HG10992Hagen Air Curtain Air Diffuser, 4 inch Long$5.99
HG10993Marina Air Curtain Air Diffuser, 8 inch Long$7.99
HG10994Hagen Air Curtain Air Diffuser, 15 inch Long$8.99
HG10995Hagen Air Curtain Air Diffuser, 23 inch Long$11.49
HG10996Hagen Air Curtain Air Diffuser 35 inch Long$19.99
Marina Plastic Check Valve
Marina Plastic Check Valve Marina Plastic Check Valve
  • Accurate, leak-proof security
  • Protects air pump from back-siphoning damage
  • Prevents flooding during power failures
Item #DescriptionPrice 
HG11165Marina Plastic Check Valve$2.69