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Red Sea C-Skim 1800 Advanced Protein Skimmer

The Smarter choice for the serious hobbyist

A new level of performance, user friendliness and affordability in protein skimming.

  • PSK Air Injector - 800 lph (200 gph)
  • Integrated neck washing system
  • FoamView™ skim adjustment window
  • High efficiency skim reactor
  • Stand-alone or In-sump
Red Sea C-Skim 1800 Protein Skimmer - Recommended Tanks Size
Red Sea C-Skim 1800 Advanced Protein Skimmer
Peripheral Flow, Closed Loop, Skim Chamber
Red Sea C-Skim 1800 Protein Skimmer - Peripheral Flow, Closed Loop, Skim Chamber
Inlet: Aquarium water is injected into an air pocket above the skim chamber, and is spread evenly around the periphery of the skim chamber walls, preventing turbulent flows on non-aerated water which can de-stabilize the foam production.

Aeration: The PSK aspiration pump recirculates the water in the skimmer, injecting 800 lph (200 gph) of micro air bubbles.

Foaming: The conical top of the skimming chamber concentrates the air/water mixture, forcing it up into the neck of the collection cup where it slowly trannsforms into dry concentrated organics-laden foam.

Outlet: The our-flowing water is collected evenly from around the periphery of the bottom of the skim chamber where it is almost bubble free.

Control: A skim regulator valve easily adjusts the foaming for a wide range of water conditions providing optimal skimming performance.

User-friendly Control and Design
The compact rectangular design of the C-Skim makes it ideal for in-sump use or stand-alone installation.

All controls and access to the pump are on one face, making set up and ongoing use a simple process.

Control features include the Foam Regulator & FoamView™ Window, Air Control Valve & Silencer, 3-way Skim/Wash/Clean Control Valve, Drain Port, 90 degree rotating outlet suitable for 40mm (1.5") rigid pipe.
Red Sea C-Skim 1800 Protein Skimmer - User-friendly Control and Design

Skimmer Neck Washing System
Red Sea C-Skim 1800 Protein Skimmer - Skimmer Neck Washing System Allowing organic sludge to accumulate on the skimme rneck (which will occur if not cleaned regularly) can reduce foam production by 30-40%.

When the C-Skim's patent-pending integrated neck washing system is activated, it diverts water from the skim chamber, spraying concentrated jets of water onto the inside of the neck, washing the accumulate sludge back into the skimmer. Returning the water flow back to normal operation flushes the sludge into the collection cup for easy disposal.

The FoamView™ Window provides a clear view of the foamming action and allows easy and accurate adjustment of foam production. Red Sea C-Skim 1800 Protein Skimmer - FoamView™

Long Term Pollutant Reduction
Red Sea C-Skim 1800 Protein Skimmer - Long Term Pollutant Reduction Tests have shown that over time the C-Skim is extremely effective in lowering the level of oxygen consuming pollutants (COD/BOD) in aquarium water. The grpah shows the inverse relationship between the levels of the water borne pollutants and Redox over time. (Results of test performed on a heavily stocked 1000L (250gal) fish tank)

Red Sea C-Skim 1800 Protein Skimmer - Specifications
Red Sea C-Skim 1800 Protein Skimmer - Dimensions
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RS1431Red Sea C-Skim 1800/1200 Protein Skimmer Replacement Aspiration Pump$129.99

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