Aquarium CO2 System Accessories Information

CO2 Cylinder
CO2 Cylinder5 or 10 pounds brushed aluminum US Cylinder. Brand new and empty. Equipped with Sherwood Cylinder Valve w/ black hand wheel. These are among the highest quality cylinders available in the world.
  • 5-lb - 17.50" H x 5.25" Dia.
  • 10-lb - 20.50" H x 6.89" Dia.
CO2-Proof Tubing
CO2-Proof TubingCO2-Proof Tubing - Normal airline tubing can lose up to 20% of CO2 through its membrane. Silicone tubing reacts w/ CO2 and render it less efficient (thus the silicone hardening over time under CO2 usage). Our special CO2 Resistant Tubing loses less than 1% of CO2. Also perfect for saltwater use (eg: Kalkreaktor). Rated Class I for both CO2 and saltwater applications. Unlike other so-called CO2 Tubing which is rigid, ours is soft and flexible. Choose between transparent green, transparent blue and black. 4/6mm ID/OD.
Precision Needle Valve
Precision Needle ValveThis Needle Valve is most suitable for Aquarium use.It can provide down to 10 bubbles of CO2 / minute consistently (at 0 pressure). Fits most CO2 Regulator Kits on the market. Inlet - Male Threaded NPT 1/8" (measures 1/4" OD physically) / Outlet - Hose Barb 1/8" (or 4/6 mm ID/OD tubing). This is the valve supplied with our CO2 System Deluxe or Econo.

NOTE: CO2 gas is extremely compressible, and therefore expandable, relative to other gases. CO2 gas is typically stored under very high pressure. A needle or metering valve is not designed to drop the pressure from your CO2 regulator down to a working pressure. This is the job of the CO2 regulator itself. The needle valve's sole purpose is to regulate CO2 flow precisely. Equipping your existing CO2 regulator with a needle or metering valve may not provide you with adequate fine-adjustment for a calcium reactor. These valves are fragile and be easily damaged if not hooked up to the proper regulator. Our Deluxes CO2 Systems already include this Precision Needle Valve which enable as low 6 bubbles / minute (NOT second).
Magnetic Solenoid Valve
Magnetic Solenoid ValveSmall, neat, low heat production and very reliable. To be used with pH Controller or Timer to automate the input of CO2. Fits Male Threaded NPT 1/8" (eg: Needle or Metering Valves) or airline tubing (4/6mm - ID/OD) with its included 1/8" barb attachments.
Super Precision Metering Valve
Super Precision Metering ValveIf you want the ultimate precision and best-constructed valve, this is the one. So precise that it is categorized as a Metering Valve. Amazingly 1° tapered! Fits most CO2 Regulator Kits on the market. Inlet - Male Threaded NPT 1/8" (measures 1/4" OD physically) / Outlet - Hose Barb 1/8" (or 4/6 mm ID/OD tubing). Or use can use it inline w/ 2x 1/8” barb fittings (attachments included)
NOTE: Before investing in this expensive Metering Valve, please ask yourself if you really need a lower CO2 bubbling rate than 6 / minute. You may want to invest into m3 CO2 System Deluxe or Econo instead if you do not already have it. Don't be fooled by its price, it is the HIGHEST QUALITY CO2 regulator in the market specially engineered for aquarium & aquaculture use. Our regulators are not components being pieced together from a welding supply catalog with unknown parts.
Brass Check Valve
Brass Check ValveThese are the highest quality industrial-grade Brass Check Valve from German Air Pressure Systems. They are heavy-duty enough for food-grade liquid as well. Just like you, we also thought that these were unnecessarily overkill for aquaristic purposes, but it has been proven that these are the ONLY qualified Check Valves for protecting your expensive CO2 equipment (Regulator & Cylinders) from saltwater with a pressurized Kalkreaktor pushing it backward vigorously. Takes 4/6 mm (ID/OD) or 1/8" airline tubing.
Dennerle Check Valve
Dennerle Check ValveA very high-quality German CO2 check valve for freshwater or marine applications. A middle level priced and quality check valve between the Metallic and the Plastic ones. Takes 4/6 mm (ID/OD) or 1/8" airline tubing.
Azoo CO2 Indicator
Azoo CO2 IndicatorThe Azoo CO2 Indicator can constantly monitor the CO2 level in water plant aquarium. The CO2 level should be tested continually to ensure an optimum living environment for water plants.
Aqua Medic Bubble Counter
Aqua Medic Bubble CounterThe Aqua Medic bubble counter is a simple and safe unit for controlling the CO2 dosage into aquariums. It is filled up to the half with water and switched between pressure regulator or solenoid valve and the CO2 reactor, so that it remains without pressure. An integrated check valve prevents water from flowing back.
Bubble Counter Liquid
Bubble Counter LiquidSpecial high viscosity liquid to prevent evaporation and spillage in Bubble Counter. To be used externally only and comes in 50 mL spout cap for easy & direct application. Imported from Germany.
Reducing Tee Fitting
Reducing Tee FittingReducing Tee Fittings are used for the connection of by pass filters like the Nitratreductor and the Calcium Reactor.
Flow Control Pinch Valve
Flow Control Pinch ValveMedical-use pinch valves for precise 'dial-in' control of soft tubing. Can be used for Kalkreaktor effluent drip control and any CO2 or O3 flow control. Since that valve is external to the tubing, they can never clog.
Subminiature Quick Disconnect Couplings
Subminiature Quick Disconnect CouplingsIdeal for vacuum or pressure. Delrin Acetal with Burna-N seals. Single side shut-off models (Check Valve). Will withstand up to 100 psi, 25 mercury vacuum, and operating temperature -45°F to 180°. USDA and FDA approved. Sealed with a twist; replaceable O-rings eliminate leaks. Miniature size for low-profile CO2 and Kalkreaktor applications.
Multi-directional CO2 Reactor
  • Extra length for larger size aquariums (60g and above) - Contractable to suit smaller aquariums as well or expandable with Expansion Module (sold separately) to suit even larger aquariums. Or use multiple units.
  • Vigorous water currents actively transport and dissolve CO2 with the aid of the bio-media to ensure a total CO2 dissolution over a short duration. Use with powerhead of 250 - 500 GPH.
  • CO2 enters at top and CO2-saturated water exits at bottom.
  • Use with a small powerhead or internal filter. Bio-media included.