Aquarium CO2 System Accessories Information (more)

Aqua Medic CO2 Reactor 1000Aqua Medic CO2 Reactor 1000
  • Hermetically sealed unit for introducing CO2 into larger aquarium.
  • Can be mounted outside the aquarium or inside the cabinet.
  • Very powerful unit can supply aquaria up to 2.000 l ( 500 Gal) with CO2.
  • The reactor 1000 is supplied with a strong holder.
Aqua Medic Membrane CO2 ReactorAqua Medic Membrane CO2 Reactor
  • Contains a gas permeable membrane tube, that is not permeable for water.
  • If connected to a CO2 unit, the gas diffuses through the membrane into the water - bubble free, without any losses.
  • The membrane reactor has to be fixed in the aquarium at a place with good circulatuion. The deeper the reactor is fixed in the aquarium, the greater is the capacity.
  • It is delivered in 2 sizes: Type 200 with 2 membrane tubes and Type 400 with 4 membrane tubes
Diffuser J250Diffuser J250
  • For small to large sized aquariums (25 - 50gal)
  • Internal Diffuser type with 250cc capacity.
  • CO2 can be easily added with CO2 Canister System or any manual dosing CO2 device like ADA's 74g CO2 cartridges or Tetra's.
  • Air can be easily vented by opening the cap.
  • Can be daisy-chained with additional Diffusers for larger aquariums.
  • Imported from Japan.
Dennerle CO2-Junior DiffuserDennerle CO2-Junior Diffuser
  • For aquariums upt to 18.5gal
  • Effective CO2 Diffusion
  • With bubble counter built-in
  • With waste gas vent
  • Made of high-quality plastics
  • Including 2 Long-life suction cups
  • Can be combined with all CO2 appliances
Turbo-Jet CO2 ReactorTurbo-Jet CO2 Reactor
  • For med - large sized aquariums (20 - 60gal). Expandable with Expansion Module (sold separately) to suit larger aquariums. Or use multiple units.
  • Unique patented dual-spray design: Upper turbo currents ->lower jet stream ->small bio-media to ensure 100% CO2 dissolution.
  • CO2 enters at top and CO2-saturated water exits at bottom.
  • Use with a small powerhead or internal filter. Bio-media included.
CO2 Visual Indicator - by DennerleCO2 Visual Indicator - by Dennerle
  • Provides a long-term accurate indication of CO2 level in aquarium.
  • Mode of operation: CO2 is a very volatile gas. It diffuses through the special diaphragm on top of the test container. There it diffuses more over the air gap into the indicator solution. The Dennerle CO2 Visual Indicator has a particularly fast reaction, both for higher and lower pH values.
  • Technical data: YELLOW = too much CO2 / GREEN = right CO2 level / BLUE - too few or no CO2
Sintered-Glass & Ceramic CleanerSintered-Glass & Ceramic Cleaner
  • Clean the ceramic / sintered-glass disc on your atomizer for top performance.