American Marine Pinpoint ORP Monitor Information

American Marine is proud to introduce PINPOINT™ ORP Monitor™, the only truly accurate and affordable continuous monitoring ORP (REDOX) system. Every PINPOINT ORP Electrode features a 10-foot wire cord and standard BNC Connector as well as a full platinum band (not a wire strand as in pens and lesser quality electrodes). A PINPOINT AC Adapter Kit is recommended since ORP values are most important when continuously monitored. Standard 9-volt battery can be used and should be replaced when visually indicated on the display as "LOBAT".

NOTE: The ORP Monitor unit is NOT waterproof and must be operated on a dry surface. Liquid contact on the printed circuit board will cause corrosion and void warranty.
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Unwrap the protective plastic packaging from the PINPOINT ORP Monitor unit. Remove the battery cover on the back of the monitor and install a new 9-volt battery or the PINPOINT AC Adapter Kit. Use the pop-up stand on back and place meter on a flat, dry surface. Carefully remove the plastic storage cap installed on the end of the electrode. A small amount of storage fluid will be expelled, this is normal. There may also be traces of a white crystalline powder (KCL) on the outside of the clear plastic cap which can easily be washed away with tap water. SAVE the plastic storage cap for future use. Rinse the end of the electrode briefly under lukewarm water. Place the electrode tip into the fluid to be measured using the suction cup probe holder if desired. The probe may be totally submerged. Attach the BNC Connector from the electrode onto the BNC input of the ORP Monitor. Turn the connector 1/4 turn clockwise to lock the connector. Activate the unit by setting the power switch to the ON position. Your PINPOINT ORP Monitor is now ready for use.

As with any high quality ORP Electrode please wait a full 24-36 hours before recording ORP values. During this period the electrode should "settle in" when placed in a salt-water environment.

The PINPOINT ORP Electrode is widely considered to be a superior grade and does not require any calibration or adjustment. As a very approximate guide the ORP measurement of deionized (or reverse osmosis) water and regular household liquid bleach (5 parts water/1 part bleach) should measure about 700 when the temperature of this liquid is about 68°F. The electrode should be replaced every 18-20 months with a new PINPOINT ORP Electrode.

The calibration offset adjustment is located inside the battery compartment. It is recommended that the offset adjustment labeled as O not be adjusted unless the user is absolutely certain of their calibration materials. As shipped to the consumer, this adjustment is made at the factory and does not require any other adjustment. Clean the electrode occasionally (every 3-4 weeks) using a wet soft toothbrush with long bristles. Gently push the electrode tip down into the wet bristles and rotate the probe 3-4 times. This will clean the inner surfaces of the electrode as well as the glass bulb surface, platinum band and reference junctions.

Typical readings in established, well-maintained saltwater systems should be in the 350-450 range. Maintenance should be increased if the range would fall to 225-275. Artificial oxidation agents like potassium permanganate or ozone gas must be monitored with a PINPOINT ORP Monitor™ to prevent overdose. Danger levels will vary according to the livestock however readings in the 500 mV range should be examined closely.

Important Points to Remember:
  • PINPOINT ORP Monitor has been designed as a continuous monitor. The AC Adapter Kit is recommended however a regular 9-volt battery can be successfully used until "LOBAT" is indicated on the display.
  • PINPOINT ORP meter is NOT waterproof and must be operated on a dry surface. Liquid contact with the printed circuit board will cause corrosion and void warranty.
  • The clear plastic cap must be removed from the tip of the probe so that ORP values can be measured. A small amount of storage liquid will be expelled; this is normal.
  • There may be some white salt-like residue (potassium chloride crystals) around the clear plastic cap. This is normal and should be washed off with water.
  • Keep the sensing surface of the probe WET at all times. If the probe is to be transported or stored, the plastic cap must be filled with storage solution (4.00 calibration fluid + potassium chloride crystals) or 4.00 calibration fluid prior to being installed onto the probe.
  • Probe should be inserted about 1 inch into the liquid to be measured. Probe may be totally submerged if desired.
  • If several probes are used (i.e., pH and ORP, several pH, etc.) space the probes 3-4 inches apart so that the probes will not react with each other and yield erroneous readings.
  • Clean the sensing glass, platinum band and reference junctions of the probe every few weeks by using only a wet toothbrush.
  • Replace the probe every 18-20 months for optimum performance.
  • The PINPOINT ORP Electrode should be mounted vertically +/- 45 degrees.
  • Do not allow air bubbles to accumulate under a vertically installed electrode.

Pinpoint ORP Monitor™ by American Marine Inc. is warranted to be free of defects in material and workmanship for a period of 2 years from date of sale. Positive proof of purchase is required for warranty claim.

Removal or alteration of the serial number will void warranty.
American Marine Inc. will not be liable for any costs of removal, installation, transportation charges, or any other charges, which may result in connection with a warranty claim.

American Marine Inc. will not be liable for any damage or wear to products or livestock caused by abnormal operating conditions, water damage, abuse, misuse, unauthorized alternation or repair or if the product was not installed in accordance with the printed operating instructions.

Any defective product to must be sent freight prepaid with appropriate documentation supporting the warranty claim. Replacement or repair will be at the discretion of American Marine Inc. Typical turnaround time within 48 hours. Overnight delivery available.