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Neptune Systems Apex Aquarium Controller & Monitor (AquaController) for pH, mV (ORP) and Temperature

Neptune Systems AquaController Apex & Jr. Neptune Systems is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of aquarium controllers. The company was founded in 1995 for the purpose of developing affordable water quality monitoring and control instrumentation. Their engineering team has extensive expertise in computer hardware and software system design as well as a background in water quality analysis. Neptune Systems uses these finely-honed engineering skills to develop innovative monitoring and control solutions for use in reef and fresh water aquariums, aquaculture tanks, hydroponics systems and general laboratory use.

Neptune Systems is best known for their Apex controllers, a feature-rich set of aquarium controllers that allow hobbyists to automate their lighting, temperature, water flow, pH and ORP. As well as integrate complex processes and live monitoring into the aquarium. The company has built a reputation for innovation, product expandability and customer centricity.

Your aquarium command center from anywhere in the world – on any device! What good is an aquarium controller if you cannot easily access it whenever you wish? Exactly! This is precisely why we built Apex Fusion.

Apex Fusion is a free, cloud based service that, when connected to your Apex AquaController, gives you a command center for your aquarium(s) from anywhere in the world. It works on nearly every device platform – computer, tablet, or smart phone – Windows, OSX, iOS, or Android. And the best part is you’ll never have to download an app – it’s always up to date with the latest features!

There is so much more to Apex Fusion than just looking at the parameters on your aquarium. Apex Fusion puts complete control of your aquarium right into your hands.
APEX Fusion

APEX Ready

Apex Ready Program The Apex AquaController System is the best way to have complete control over your aquarium.

But, what if two companies could come together to give you even more control? That’s what happens when you purchase the Apex Controller System along with any Apex Ready certified product.

When you connect Apex Ready certified products to your Apex System, many new options will unfold. For instance, how about having your LED lights dim or change color temperature at the touch of your iPad? Or have them simulate sunrise and sunset? How about programming your Tunze or VorTech pumps for some serious wave action at one time of the day and then to be calm at night? That’s what you get when you pair up the Apex System and an Apex Ready certified product.

Products can either be Apex Ready or Apex Ready+. If the product is Apex Ready+, it has even more advanced features when it interconnects with the Apex (sometimes additional Apex modules may be required). For instance, the EcoTech Radion lights are Apex Ready+ and therefore can be programmed for basic options like dimming, but they you will also be able to program random lightning storms, moonlighting, sunrise/sunset and more.
View Apex Ready Products

Features Apex Jr. System1
Neptune Systems Apex Jr. System
Apex System2
Neptune Systems Apex Lite System
Apex Gold System3
Neptune Systems Apex System
Temperature Monitor/Control
pH Monitor/Control Optional w/ PM1
ORP Monitor/Control Optional w/ PM1 Probe Optional
2nd pH Monitor/Control Optional w/ PM1 Optional w/ PM1 Optional w/ PM1
Conductivity/Salinity Monitor/Control Optional w/ PM2 Optional w/ PM2
Dissolved Oxygen Monitor/Control Optional w/ PM3 Optional w/ PM3 Optional w/ PM3
Display Graphical (8x20) Graphical (8x20) Graphical (8x20)
Ethernet Port
Web Server Monitor/Control/Configure with browser)
Email Alarms
Flash Memory for Easy Firmware updates
Digital Inputs 6 Optional w/ PMx 6 6
Moon Simulation
Seasonal Temperature Variation
Seasonal Sunrise/Sunset
Maximum AquaBus Modules4 7 240 240
(1,000s of entries)

(10,000s of entries)

(10,000s of entries)
Alternate Power Source
Variable Speed/Dimming Port (0-10V) Optional w/ VDM 4 4
Legacy Support (D4HD, DC8)
1 - Apex Jr System includes: Apex Jr Display, Apex Jr base module w/ 4 controllable outlets, temperature probe, and Ethernet cable.
2 - Apex System includes: Apex base module, Apex display, EnergyBar 8, temperature probe, standard pH probe, and Ethernet cable.
3 - Apex Gold System includes: Apex base module, Apex display, EnergyBar 8, temperature probe, lab Grade pH probe, Lab Grade ORP Probe, PM2 Module (Conductivity/Salinity), Lab Grade Conductivity (Salinity) Probe, and Ethernet cable.
Neptune Systems AquaController Apex Systems
Item #DescriptionPrice 
NS11087Neptune Systems Apex AquaController System with Standard Grade pH Probe$524.95
NS11088Neptune Systems Apex Classic AquaController System with Lab Grade pH Probe$549.95
NS1313Neptune Systems AquaController Apex Jr w/ Display & Temperature Probe$239.95
Control Hardware
Item #DescriptionPrice 
NS3331Neptune Systems Apex AquaController PM1 pH or ORP, Temperature, I/O Expansion Box$84.95
NS3333Neptune Systems Apex AquaController PM2 Conductivity, Temperature, I/O Expansion Box$84.95
NS3335Neptune Systems Apex Ecotech Marine Wireless Expansion Module (WXM)$124.95
NS3337Neptune Systems Apex AquaController PM3 Dissolved Oxygen, Temperature, I/O Expansion Box$94.95
NS3339Neptune Systems Apex Variable Speed/Dimming Module (VDM)$99.95
NS3511Neptune Systems Apex Automatic Feeding System (AFS)$99.95
NS3391Neptune Systems Energy Bar 8 Expansion Unit (EB8)$159.95
NS3393Neptune Systems Energy Bar 4 Expansion Unit (EB4)$119.95
NS3513Neptune Systems Apex AI Wireless Expansion Module (AWM)$124.95
NS11101Neptune Systems Advanced Leak Detection Module (ALD)$74.95
NS11102Neptune Systems Leak Detection Probe - Low Profile$29.95
NS11103Neptune Systems Leak Detection Probe - Solid Surface$29.95
NS11068Neptune Systems AquaBus Lunar Simulator Module (LSM)$64.95
NS11082Neptune Systems Lunar Simulator LED String - 3 LEDs$39.95
NS11105Neptune Systems Lunar Simulator LED String - 5 LEDs$59.95
NS98980Neptune Systems DOS - Dosing and Fluid Metering System$299.99
NS98880Neptune Systems Apex WAV Pump Controllable Powerhead - Single Pump$199.95
NS98870Neptune Systems Apex WAV Pump and 1LINK Module Wavemaker Starter Kit$499.95
NS98981Neptune Systems DDR - DOS Dual Reservoir$199.95
NS98930Neptune Systems Apex Par Monitoring Kit (PMK)$299.95
Probes and Probe Accessories
Item #DescriptionPrice 
NS5111Neptune Systems Standard Grade pH Probe$44.95
NS5113Neptune Systems Lab Grade pH Probe$69.95
NS5131Neptune Systems Standard Grade ORP Probe$69.95
NS5133Neptune Systems Lab Grade ORP Probe$89.95
NS5155Neptune Systems Temperature Probe For Apex Controller AquaController Jr, AquaController 3 and PX1000 ONLY$29.95
NS5191Neptune Systems Lab Grade Conductivity / Salinity Probe$124.95
NS5171Neptune Oxygen Probe with 10 foot Cable$699.95
NS5413Neptune Systems I/O Break Out Box for Apex, Apex Lite, AquaController 3, or AquaController 3 Pro$39.95
AM1413American Marine Pinpoint pH Calibration Fluid #4$0.99
AM1415American Marine Pinpoint pH Calibration Fluid #7$0.99
AM1417American Marine Pinpoint pH Calibration Fluid #10$0.99
CP2133pH 4.0 Buffer/Calibration Solution 500 ml$11.99
AM14131American Marine Pinpoint pH Calibration Fluid #4 - 5 Pack$4.95
CP2135pH 7.0 Buffer/Calibration Solution 500 ml$12.49
AM14151American Marine Pinpoint pH Calibration Fluid #7 - 5 Pack$4.95
CP2137pH 10.0 Buffer/Calibration Solution 500 ml$11.99
AM14171American Marine Pinpoint pH Calibration Fluid #10 - 5 Pack$4.95
NS5391Neptune Conductivity Calibration - 447 ms$2.95
NS53911Neptune Conductivity Calibration Solution 447ms - 5 Pack$14.75
NS5393Neptune Conductivity Calibration - 53.0 ms$2.95
NS53931Neptune Conductivity Calibration Solution 53.0ms - 5 Pack$14.75
AM14331American Marine Pinpoint ORP/REDOX Calibration Fluid 400mV - 5 Pack$14.95
NS3517Neptune Systems Magnetic Probe Rack (MPR)$39.95
* - for Pro version use only
Software and PC Accessories
Item #DescriptionPrice 
NS55113 ft. AquaBus Cable (Male/Male) Neptune Systems Apex AquaController$12.95
NS55136 ft. AquaBus Cable (Male/Male) Neptune Systems Apex AquaController$14.95
NS551915 ft. AquaBus Cable (Male/Male) Neptune Systems Apex AquaController$19.95
NS553915 ft. AquaBus Extension Cable (Male/Female) Neptune Systems AquaController$19.95
NS55512 Channel AquaSurf/Apex to Stream Cable Neptune Systems AquaController$19.95
NS55531 Channel Apex to Stream/1 Channel Light Dimming Cable Neptune Systems AquaController$18.99
NS55552 Channel Apex to Light Dimming Cable Neptune Systems AquaController$14.95

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