SpectraPure LiterMeter III "LM3" Aquarium Dosing System Information

SpectraPure LiterMeter III "LM3" Dosing SystemThe Spectrapure LiterMeter III "LM3" operates 150 times per day, dispensing precision doses, thereby providing minimal salinity shock to the animals and plants in the aquarium.

  • Dispense daily totals from 50 milliliters to 99 liters.
  • Kalkwasser safe, self-priming pumping system.
  • Microprocessor controlled with crystal precision.
  • Easy calibration for long-term accuracy.
  • The LiterMeter III can run dry without damage to the unit.
  • Quiet operation and low power, consumes less than 6W.
  • Pump head turrent can be positioned at 90° intervals.
  • Includes 12 feet of 1/4" tubing, tubing mounting clip, cable ties, and 120V power supply
    (220V available).
Litermeter III DiagramHook Up

Press-fit a piece of 1/4" polyethylene tubing into the outlet rubber hose (arrow pointing away from the pump) at least 1/2". Secure with a provided cable tie. This should lead to
your aquarium.

Although the peristaltic pump inherently prevents back-flow conditions, it is always a good practice to provide an air-gap between the hose end and the top most level in the aquarium.

Press fit a piece of 1/4" polyethylene tubing into the inlet rubber hose (arrow pointing toward the pump) at least 1/2". Secure with a provided cable tie. This is connected to the supply reservoir.

The supply tank can be any size and located as much as 10 feet below the LiterMeter III.
If the LiterMeter III is located at the same level as the supply tank, delivery to a height of 16
feet above the Liter Meter is possible.

The 12VDC, 500 mA wall mounted power supply can now be connected to the power jack on the side of the LiterMeter III, and then connected to any proper 120VAC source.

Calibrating the LiterMeter III

Variations in pumping height will affect the flow rate of the pump. You must calibrate the Liter Meter before use with the following procedure:

Set the Calibration switches to 011 and the daily total switches to 9900. Flip the run-stop switch from run to stop and back to run. This tricks the pump into running continuously.

While the pump is running, measure in minutes and seconds how long it takes to fill a kitchen measuring cup to 500 milliliters. Shut off pump and convert to decimal minutes. Example: If it took 2 minutes and 40 seconds to acquire the 500 milliliters, this equates to 2+(40/60) or 2.67 minutes.

Divide 500 milliliters by the decimal minutes. The resultant is the pump flow rate in milliliter per minute. Set the calibration switches to that value. This is required to calibrate the pump's delivery flow rate according to the height and placement of your particular unit.

As with any user calibrated device, a periodic re-calibration can be performed to maintain original specifications.