Eheim Mechanical Filter Media

Reef Aquarium
Mechanical Filter Media works much like a sieve trapping particulate waste as it passes through the material.
Reef Aquarium
Eheim Mechanical EHFISYNTH Filter Media
Eheim EHFISYNTH Filter Media A completely neutral filter wool. The fine phenol free structure of this synthetic material traps tiny particles of dirt. It should be loosely placed as the last layer in your filter arrangement. For models 2222, 2224, 2226, 2228 we recommend a special EHFISYNTH pad.
Item #DescriptionPrice 
EH2504051Eheim EHFISYNTH Filter Floss, 1L$7.99
EH2504101Eheim EHFISYNTH Filter Floss, 2L$13.49
Eheim Mechanical EHFIFIX Filter Media
Eheim EHFIFIX Filter Media A medium mechanical filter material which is to be placed between EHFIMECH on the bottom and the subsequent biological or chemical filter layers. It traps debris which has passed through the previous layer and acts as a divider.

For models 2211, 2213, 2215/2217, 2222, 2224, 2226, 2228 a special pad is recommended.
Eheim Mechanical EHFIMECH Filter Media
Eheim EHFIMECH Filter Media A coarse mechanical filter material which is to be used as bottom layer filtering. Its hollow ceramic design creates eddies which disburse the water into many paths. It traps large debris while creating an even flow of water for subsequent layers.
Item #DescriptionPrice 
EH2507051EHFIMECH (Hollow Ceramic Rings) 1L$16.49
EH2507751EHFIMECH (Hollow Ceramic Rings) 5L$65.50 $52.40
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