Hagen Fluval Filter Media

Hagen Fluval Canister Filter Media
The Fluval canister filter system uses multi-stage approach to filtration, separating a number of distinct filter materials into easy access modules. The wide variety of filter material provides waste-free water, string biological purification and active control of water characteristics.
Item #DescriptionPrice 
HG10242Fluval Polishing Pad-Fine 104/105/204/20 3/pk$5.49
HG10244Fluval Polishing Pad-Fine 304/305/404/40 6/pk$7.49
HG11440Fluval Carbon Filter Media, 100 gram (3/pk nylon bags)$8.99
HG11456Fluval BioMax Ceramic Rings 500G (17.63 oz)$14.99
HG11470Fluval Pre-Filter Media, 750 gram$11.49
HG11480Fluval Ammonia Remover Filter Media, 180 gram (3/pk)$6.99
HG11490Fluval Zeo-Carb Filter Media, 150 gram (3/pk nylon bags)$7.49
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Reef Aquarium
Hagen Fluval Foam Block
Item #DescriptionPrice 
HG10222Fluval Filter Foam Block f/204 & 304 2/pk$6.49
HG10226Fluval Filter Foam Block f/404 2/pk$8.49