UVL Fluorescent Light Bulbs

24" 75W UVL VHO Fluorescent Bulbs
36" 95W UVL VHO Fluorescent Bulbs
46.5" 110W UVL VHO Fluorescent Bulbs
48" 110W UVL VHO Fluorescent Bulbs
60" 140W UVL VHO Fluorescent Bulbs
72" 160W UVL VHO Fluorescent Bulbs
24" 20W UVL Standard (STD) Fluorescent Bulbs
36" 30W UVL Standard (STD) Fluorescent Bulbs
48" 40W UVL Standard (STD) Fluorescent Bulbs
  • Actinic White (12000K) = 50% actinic 03 blue phosphors & 50% white spectrum(triband). High performance upgrade which are great for corals, live rock, and related marine life.
  • Super Actinic R (420nm peak) = 100% blue spectrum. These are the most widely used aquarium bulbs on the market. They are great for reef applications and coral health.
  • AquaSun (10000K) = 100% white spectrum.
  • All URI lamps come with 180' internal reflector which allow 40% more light output.
  • 30-day warranty.
Bulb Replacement Guide
Bulb Types Life of Bulb*
Normal Output Fluorescent 6-12 months
Very High Output (VHO) 6-12 months
Power Compact (PC) 9-12 months
T5 High Output (T5HO) 9-18 months
Metal Halide 9-12 months
LED (non-moonlight) ~5 years (50,000 hours)
* Manufacturer Recommendations

Important - Shipping Charges for URI Fluorescent Light Bulbs
We can pack up to 6 lamps per box.  Since Fluorescent Bulb require special handling and packaging, we will only ship fluorescent bulb order of four or more bulbs free of shipping cost. 46.5" and longer bulbs are shipped free only if 6 or more bulbs are ordered. All 46.5" lamps and longer are shipped as oversize package (30 lbs package).  For all other quantities below, the shipping requirements: 24" = $10.00; 36" = $15.00; 46.5" to 60" = $20.00; 72" = $25.00