Metal Halide Ballasts, Reflectors, Cooling Fans, Timers, Mounting Options and Other Accessories

Metal Halide Miscellaneous Accessories
Item #DescriptionPrice 
CP5513Metal Halide Mogul Socket$6.99
CP5953Gauge 16 Power Cord$6.99
CP5955Gauge 18 Power Cord$6.99
SL1513Sunlight Supply 5KV Mogul Socket Assembly w/ 15ft Lamp Cord$34.99
Metal Halide Cooling Fans
Item #DescriptionPrice 
TZ8611Tunze Aquawind Aquarium Fan 7028.900$77.99
JB1311JBJ C-Breeze Adjustable Clamp-On Air Blower$43.99
MZ12013Zoo Med Aqua Cool Aquarium Cooling Fan$22.99
AZ64047UP Aqua Small Aquarium Cooling Fan$31.99
Metal Halide Timers
Item #DescriptionPrice 
ES01690Coralife Power Center (Day-Night Timer Or Wave-Maker Timer)$30.99
ES01692Coralife Digital Power Center (Day-Night-Timer or Wave Maker)$30.99
HT3113Hamilton 24hr Digital Timer with 2-Outlets$19.95
Metal Halide Mounting Options
Item #DescriptionPrice 
AK01146AquaticLife Replacement Frame Mounts For T5 HO Link Fixture$8.99