Captive Sun Retrofit Lighting Systems

Metal Halide Deluxe Aluminum Hood Lighting System
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Reef Aquarium
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  • Polished aluminum corrosion-proof reflector.
  • Independent on/off controls for Metal Halide and VHO lights.
  • Remote ventilated, enclosed ballast with 10' power cord.
  • Independent on/off controls for metal halide and fluorescent lights.
  • Quick-disconnect plugs between fixture and ballast for easy assembly and maintenance.
Metal Halide Ballast
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Note: Bulbs are NOT included. Select the bulbs below.
Reef Aquarium
400W MH Single-Ended Metal Halide Bulbs
Item #Description Price 
MB8413400 Watt 10000K Metal Halide Bulb - German Ushio, Mogul Base*$70.99
MB8411400 Watt 10000k Metal Halide bulb - Hamilton, Mogul Base$73.99
MB8615400 Watt 14000K Metal Halide Bulb - Hamilton, Mogul Base$64.99
MB8817400 Watt 20000K+ Metal Halide Bulb - German Ushio, Mogul Base*$70.99
MB8811400 Watt 20000K Metal Halide Bulb - German Radium, Mogul Base*$83.99
*Requires HQI ballast or electronic ballast. Mogul based BQI bulbs will work
with pulse start ballasts while double-ended (D.E.) bulbs won't.
Note: Sunburst bulbs may not work with older Icecap ballasts.
24" 75W UVL VHO Fluorescent Bulbs