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Aquarium LED Lighting & Moon Lights

LED Lighting
AquaticLife Expandable LED Fixtures
Link up to four fixtures together for brighter lighting options. Broadcast Reflectors™ with a “dimple” design diffuse LED light evenly throughout the aquarium. Adjustable width frame mounts.
Current USA TrueLumen Pro LED Striplights
These sleek, extruded aluminum strip lights are packed with ultra-bright LEDs rivaling even the brightest T5's. Completely water resistant and low-voltage provides a super safe solution for any application.
Current USA TrueLumen LED Padlite
Measuring less than ¼" in height, the new TrueLumen PadLite will keep your eyes focused on your fish – not your eyesore light fixture. Constructed of solid aluminum, its modern looking, sleek, and will look great on any style aquarium.
EcoTech Marine Radion LED Light Fixture
34 Energy-efficient LEDs. Fully adjustable for intensity and color appeal. Integrates wirelessly with VorTech pumps and other Radion fixtures. Computer configurable advanced settings. Compatible with EcoTech Battery Backup.
Ecoxotic Panorama LED Fixture & Stunner LED Strips
Say hello to LED lighting technology and say goodbye to the headaches of supporting your tank. Imagine lighting so bright it supports your reef tank, but without the heat. Water resistant LED Modules. Modular Design – customizable, replaceable parts and more...
Ecoxotic PAR38 LED Aquarium Lamps
Features 5 high power Cree LEDs with focusing lenses. PAR38 LED lamps are designed to fit into standard E26/E27 screw in sockets. Each lamp includes LED's, lenses and integrated LED ballast. Available in 12K White or Deep Royal Blue.
Eheim Power LED Fixture
High quality LED with optimum illumination right to the bottom of the tank (approx 3,100 Lux) up to a depth of 14". Light color approx 6,500 Kelvin. Power is supplied through the light track. Vertically and horizontally adjustable. 81 interconnected diodes.
Elos E-Lite LED Lighting Fixtures (E-Lite XP & E-Stripe Strips)
Anodized aluminum with power supply. E-Lite XP uses latest LEDs (CREE XP series). E-Stripe LED Strips available in 10,000K or 20,000K.
Hydra Aquatics Retina I LED Fixture
Designed for a frameless aquarium up to 8mm glass. 9500K full spectrum white and blue LED combination. Over 50W of light output by 12 white and 8 blue LEDs. Light unit lifts up to allow for easy maintenance on aquarium.
Innovative Marine Skkye Light LED Fixtures
SkkyeLight LED Series sets the new standard for ultra-modern design in high brightness LED green technology. Our full line includes stylish clamp fixtures, versatile tablets, strips, and fuge systems to meet any of your illumination needs with sophistication.
Ista Energy Saving LED Lights
Thin, graciously smooth and streamlined design. With individual on/off switch to adjust color and brightness to various combination. With adjustable supporting rack in extension to different height and width to fit different size tanks.
JBJ Unibody Dimmable LED Fixtures
All Aluminum Unibody Construction - Less than 1 inch thin! Actively Cooled Unibody Construction. CNC Milled Individual LED Reflectors. Optional styled faceplates allow for personalization.
Kessil A150W Special Blend LED Aquarium Lights
Innovative design and high quality, radiant light. Dense Matrix LED technology to emulate a point-like source, provides the shimmery effects of a metal halide without its excess power consumption and heat.
Marineland Double Bright & Reef LED Light Fixtures
Three Mode On/Off Switch: Allows you to provide a variety of lighting profiles including daytime, lunar and off positions. Polycarbonate Lens Shimmer Effect: Mimics underwater effect of sunlight. 17,000 Lifetime Hours. Slim stylized lighting profile.
Maxspect Mazarra P-Series LED Lighting System
Contemporary design, crafted from aluminum. Available in matte black. Utilizes state-of-the-art technologies, from wireless controller to latest LED chips. The Cree XLamp® XM-L chip is capable of producing up to 180 lumen/watt.
Orphek DIF Series LED Pendants
A revolutionary emitter with a new TWO-in-ONE technology. The first LED lighting solution mimicking a halide style light, without the addition of blue LEDs for daylight effect
Orphek Dimmable LED Pendants
Available in PAR38 (PR-25) and PAR30 (PR-ML7) form factor bulbs (screw into normal light sockets). PR-25 produces a similar amount of PUR (photosynthetically useable radiation) as a 150W MH bulb. PR-ML7 can be used as an actinic supplement or as a standalone moonlight.
Orphek Nilus LED Light Fixture
Upgraded from previous PR156 models with a new premium LED driver. Fans have also been upgraded. A new more reliable timer was also added. Offers 4 UV/true violet emitters for more fluorescence and increased color enhancement in your corals.
Orphek Power Reef PR156 LED Light Fixture
Exclusively developed for SPS reef aquariums and other high intensity applications. Includes hang-on kit and two built-in timers.
UP Aqua Flexible LED Fixture
Slim Design that provides an elegant style. Adopt high luminance LED Lamp. Energy Saving. Environmentally Friendly. Long Life. 30 LEDs total (27 x 8000K white; 3 x 2000K blue).
Moon Lights
Current USA Truelumen Moonlight LED Strips and Module
Replicates the dynamic natural qualities of sun and moon lighting. Powerful LED chips add the natural shimmering effect and rippling glow found on natural coral reefs while producing virtually no heat and consuming very little electricity.
CoralVue MoonVue Retrofit LED T5 Tubes
It has the appearance of a standard T5 tube, but they are powered by a low voltage transformer which makes them highly efficient, reliable and will bring out the stunning colors of any reef scape at night.
Neptune Systems Dimmable Lunar Simulator
Use an AquaController to adjust and vary the intensity of these 2 to 5 LED modules for a realistic moon cycle simulation. A high-intensity LED and wide angle lens are used. Please note a Neptune Controller is required to utilize the LED system.
R2 Solutions Moonlight
Choose from two units: the single unit covers about 3' of tank yet measures only 4 3/8" in length, while the dual unit covers up to 6' and measures 4" x 1". Both versions are extremely versatile and cost-effective.
LED aquarium lighting is most commonly used for nighttime lighting but has recently gained traction as being the main light source. Using an aquarium moon light has many benefits, especially for reef tanks. Moon lights complete the day/night cycle and can be synced with a timer to match the lunar cycle. Doing so can stimulate coral spawning and create great nighttime viewing. In addition to creating a cool shimmering moon light effect, LED lunar lights give you a window into what your nocturnal pets do at night. Using LED lighting as the main light source also has many benefits. LED bulbs are extremely energy efficient and last up to 5 years (50,000 hours). LED lights produce very little heat, are highly customizable and among the most handsome (and small) fixtures on the market today.

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