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Choati/Red Leopard Wrasse
Choati/Red Leopard Wrasse
Macropharyngodon choati

The Macropharyngodon choati or Choate's Leopard wrasse has red spotted coloring as an adult and is almost semi-transparent with a few orange patches as a juvenile. This fish tends to not tolerate copper and best lives in a reef setting. Has feeding requirements very similar to a Mandarin Dragonette, this fish consumes copepods and very small crustaceans. Best kept in a large well established 75 gallon aquarium or larger with a well functioning refugium. Is intolerant of treatments for disease that contain copper. May learn to eat offered foods with time and patience but is best left for advanced aquarists.
Maximum Size: the Macropharyngodon choati grows up to 6 inches.
Minimum Tank Size: The Choati/Red Leopard Wrasse prefers a tank of at least 50 gallons with plenty of places to hide &
Diet: The Macropharyngodon choati is a carnivore and likes to eat Eats mostly live foods, copepods and amphipods predominately. Can be taught to accept frozen mysis shrimp with time and patience.
Level of Care: The Choati/Red Leopard Wrasse is a high maintenance fish.
Behavior: The Choati/Red Leopard Wrasse may act peacefully toward other fish.
Hardiness: Difficult to keep in capitivity
Range: Indo-Pacific.

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