Ecotech Marine Vortech Propeller Powerhead/Pump

Ecotech Marine Vortech Propeller Powerhead/Pump

EcoTech Marine has created a new benchmark for wave-like flow by taking a direct route to what we all desire as reef aquarium hobbyists; we wanted high flow, low heat, easy, efficient and controllable technology. Now we have the technology to deliver it. The VorTech propeller pump installs easily onto any aquarium with a glass or acrylic thickness that is ¾" and below. No drilling or accessory brackets are necessary, as the VorTech propeller pump uses magnetic force to transmit energy through the aquarium wall.

Design Elements
The VorTech is beautiful and designed with simplicity in mind. Magnetic couple transmits motion through your aquarium glass and clamps the assembly against your tank. This means you won’t have to drill your aquarium, and that you can easily reposition the pump somewhere else in the aquarium without having to move around complicated and awkward brackets.

The VorTech is the smallest propeller pump on the market when you consider how little space it occupies inside the aquarium. The motor is outside of the aquarium, meaning the VorTech may be positioned where it will be least visible. The VorTech is elegantly discreet both in and outside your aquarium.

Product Features:
The VorTech produces from 300 to 3,000 gallons per hour of low velocity gentle water current. The flow is so impressive and broad, that it actually creates an undertow along your sand bed. You will notice an equal amount of flow going out of your pump as you will see going back into it! Moreover, because the flow pattern is so wide, there is no reason to direction the flow, simply place the pump on the back or sides of your aquarium and flow will be created throughout the whole tank.

Energy Savings
The VorTech is one of the most efficient pumps on the market, consuming approximately 35 watts to produce 3000 gallons per hour. More importantly, all of the heat put out from the motor is outside of your aquarium, meaning you won’t have to invest in costly chillers to keep your tank cool.

Battery Backup Accessory
The VorTech Battery Backup will power one pump for up to 30 hours or two pumps for 15 hours each. Alternatively, multiple battery backups can plugged in to each other to provide even more run time during a power outage. There is no other product that detects an outage and provides as much insurance for so little money.

Wave Motion*
Our new single controller will provide pulsing-wave algorithms allowing the creation of standing surface waves in most aquariums. It also features a feed mode allowing you to shut your pumps down for 10 minutes with the press of a button.

Replacement Parts & Accessories
Item #DescriptionPrice 
EM1313EcoTech Marine VorTech MP10ES EcoSmart Driver Upgrade Kit$55.00
EM1331EcoTech Marine VorTech Foam Cover for MP20 / MP40 Propeller Pumps - 3/pk$12.00
EM1711EcoTech Marine Vortech Battery Backup$165.00