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Power Compact Lighting

Power Compact Lighting
Power Compact Lighting for Aquariums

A power compact aquarium light is a type of fluorescent fixture that can be used for both freshwater and saltwater aquarium systems. Power compact lights are widely used among hobbyists because they are a low cost, low energy solution to lighting an aquarium. The acronym PC is commonly used when referring to power compact lighting fixtures or power compact bulbs ("PC fixture" or "PC bulbs," for instance).

Power compact light bulbs may be used by themselves in a power compact fixture for lighting an aquarium or in conjunction with (to supplement) metal halide lighting (usually via a power compact light retrofit system). Power compact aquarium lights are great for fish-only systems and reef tanks with corals that require low-to-moderate lighting.

Power compact fluorescent bulbs come in a wide variety of color spectrums and due to their dual bulb configuration, a power compact bulb can be all one color or it can have a mix of two colors to achieve a desired look. These mixed power compact fluorescent bulbs are generally referred to as 50/50 bulbs. One tube will light up one color, while the other tube lights up the other color.

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Power Compact Aquarium Lighting Videos
In this video, we demonstrate how to replace the bulbs in your T5, Metal Halide or Power Compact Fixture. You should replace your aquarium lights every 9-12 months, depending on usage. Changing out your bulbs during this timeframe is the best way to maintain a healthy aquarium. This step-by-step video shows you how easy it is to perform routine bulb replacement for freshwater, marine and reef aquariums.

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