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Iwaki Aquarium Water Pump

Magnetic water pumps.  Magnetic driven.  Sealess pumps for use on fresh or saltwater aquariums.  Low heat exchange and quiet in operation.  Highly durable design.  WMD pumps have American Made Motors. MD pumps have Japanese Made Motors.  RLT pumps are for pressure applications.  RLXT pumps are for circulation and wet/dry return.

Manufacturer Warranty: 1 year from date of purchase.

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Extended Price Guarantee for Iwaki Pumps - Not only will we beat any advertised price from Iwaki authorized distributors, we will also match their and our own sale prices for 30 days after pump purchase.*
Iwaki Water Pumps
Reef Aquarium
Japanese Motored Iwaki Water Pumps
Item # Inlet(MPT) / Outlet(MPT)Flow Rate @ 4' HeadMax Head (ft)Dimensions (LxWxH)
IK11233/4" / 3/4"420 gph14.18" x 3.5" x 4.2"
IK11251" / 1"540 gph8.28.5" x 3.5" x 4.8"
IK11333/4" / 3/4"510 gph17.79.5" x 3.75" x 5.1"
IK11351" / 1"960 gph13.510" x 3.75" x 5.5"
IK11433/4" / 3/4"750 gph21.310" x 3.75" x 5.2"
IK11451" / 1"1200 gph15.410" x 3.75" x 5.5"
IK11531" / 1"1080 gph26.910.75" x 4.8" x 6.2"
IK11731" / 1"1500 gph31.810.2" x 5.6" x 6.1"
IK11831" / 1"2000 gph39.012.75" x 6.2" x 6.9"
Item #Description Price 
IK1123Iwaki MD20RLT Water Pump (Japanese Motor)MD20RLT Iwaki Water Pump Information$186.49
IK1125Iwaki MD20RLXT Water Pump (Japanese Motor)MD20RLXT Iwaki Water Pump Information$196.99
IK1133Iwaki MD30RLT Water Pump (Japanese Motor)MD30RLT Iwaki Water Pump Information$233.99
IK1135Iwaki MD30RLXT Water Pump (Japanese Motor)MD30RLXT Iwaki Water Pump Information$236.99
IK1143Iwaki MD40RLT Water Pump (Japanese Motor)MD40RLT Iwaki Water Pump Information$298.99
IK1145Iwaki MD40RLXT Water Pump (Japanese Motor)MD40RLXT Iwaki Water Pump Information$298.99
IK1153Iwaki MD55RLT Water Pump (Japanese Motor)MD55RLT Iwaki Water Pump Information$345.49
IK1173Iwaki MD70RLT Water Pump (Japanese Motor)MD70RLT Iwaki Water Pump Information$387.49
IK1183Iwaki MD100RLT Water Pump (Japanese Motor)MD100RLT Iwaki Water Pump Information$471.99
Note: Japanese Motored Iwaki Pumps do NOT come with power cords.
Reef Aquarium
Reef Aquarium
American Motored Iwaki Water Pumps
Item #Inlet(MPT)/Outlet(MPT)Flow Rate@4' HeadMax Head (ft)Dimensions (LxWxH)
IK12233/4" / 3/4"420 gph14.110.5"x3.5"x4.4"
IK12251" / 1"540 gph8.211" x 3.5" x 4.9"
IK12333/4" / 3/4"510 gph17.711.9" x 3.5" x 4.7"
IK12351" / 1"960 gph13.512.1" x 3.5" x 5"
IK12433/4" / 3/4"750 gph21.311" x 4.4" x 4.75"
IK12451" / 1"1200 gph15.411.1" x 4.4" x 5.25"
Item #Description Price 
IK1223Iwaki WMD20RLT Water Pump - (American Motor)WMD20RLT American Motored Iwaki Water Pump Information$165.99
IK1225Iwaki WMD20RLXT Water Pump - (American Motor)WMD20RLXT American Motored Iwaki Water Pump Information$174.99
IK1233Iwaki WMD30RLT Water Pump - (American Motor)WMD30RLT American Motored Iwaki Water Pump Information$176.99
IK1235Iwaki WMD30RLXT Water Pump - (American Motor)WMD30RLXT American Motored Iwaki Water Pump Information$199.99
IK1243Iwaki WMD40RLT Water Pump - (American Motor)WMD40RLT American Motored Iwaki Water Pump Information$212.49
IK1245Iwaki WMD40RLXT Water Pump - (American Motor)WMD40RLXT American Motored Iwaki Water Pump Information$256.89
In the unlikely event there are any problems with Iwaki water pumps or warranty work is needed at some point, please contact Iwaki directly at 508.429.1440 for an RGA. Do NOT send a pump back to Iwaki without an RGA number. Please contact Marine Depot for any assistance you may need in this unlikely situation.
* Price Matches after purchase date will be form of a store credit.

This item is temporarily unavailable but will be back in stock soon.

Item #
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