Pan World Magnetic Water Pumps (PX & PS)

Pan World Magnetic Water Pumps (PX & PS) Pan World Magnetic Water Pumps are built by a former chief engineer from Iwaki-Japan. It basically has the same specifications such as flow curves, high head pressure and reliability. It also features seal-free bearings and magnetic drive for trouble-free use. These pumps are quiet and economical, making it a good choice for your system. Plus, it comes with a power cord unlike Iwaki pumps.

Warranty: 18 month full manufacturer warranty on parts and labor.
ModelMax. FlowMax. HeadPowerFittings (Inlet / Outlet)Dimensions (LxWxH)Comparable to Iwaki
40PX480gph13.5'45W3/4" MPT / 3/4" MPT8"x4"x4"20RLT
50PX590gph16.5'90W3/4" MPT / 3/4" MPT10"x4"x5"30RLT
50PX-X1110gph13'90W1" MPT / 1" MPT10"x4"x5"30RLXT
100PX790gph21'120W3/4" MPT / 3/4" MPT10.5"x4"x5.5"40RLT
100PX-X1270gph13'130W1" MPT / 1" MPT10.5"x4"x5.5"40RLXT
150PS1100gph28'180W1" MPT / 1" MPT12"x5"x6.5"55RLT
200PS1750gph39'290W1" MPT / 1" MPT13.75"x5"x6.5"70RLT
250PS1900gph45'390W1" MPT / 1" MPT14"x5"x6.75"100RLT
Item #DescriptionPrice 
JW1123Pan World 40PX Magnetic Water Pump$124.99
JW1133Pan World 50PX Magnetic Water Pump$159.99
JW1135Pan World 50PX-X Magnetic Water Pump$164.99
JW1143Pan World 100PX Magnetic Water Pump$194.99
JW1145Pan World 100PX-X Magnetic Water Pump$199.99
JW1153Pan World 150PS Magnetic Water Pump$259.99
JW1173Pan World 200PS Magnetic Water Pump$294.99
JW1183Pan World 250PS Magnetic Water Pump$339.99