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Reef Tank Packages—30-65 Gallon (36") Tank Size

Reef Aquarium
Now that you have the correct tank size, simply look through each row for our recommendations. Select a lighting retrofit kit if you have a pre-existing canopy that you would like to mount the lighting system into. The lighting fixtures are used if you do not have a canopy: these fixtures can be suspended or propped up above the tank. Note that there are numerous different configurations available, so please feel free to email us at [email protected] if you have any questions.
Reef Aquarium
Item #DescriptionRatingPrice 
AK01036AquaticLife 36 Inch 4x39 Watt T5 HO Light Fixture w/ 3 Lunar LEDsBetter$299.99
3Z34090AquaIllumination Hydra LED Fixture - BlackBest
(2 units)
Protein Skimmer
Item #DescriptionRatingPrice 
ACRMAquaC Remora Hang-On Protein Skimmer w/ Cobalt Aquatics MJ1200 Powerhead/PumpGood$179.99
UJ1151AquaMaxx HOB-1 Hang-On-Back Protein SkimmerBetter$230.99
CV5111Reef Octopus Classic 110 INT Protein SkimmerBest$194.99
Overflow Box
Item #DescriptionRatingPrice 
CR1513CPR CS90 Overflow BoxBest$113.99
Sump (Reef Systems)
Item #DescriptionRatingPrice 
BS1KBerlin Sump BS-1, 23 inch x 12 inch x 14 inchBetter$173.99
YPM5113Precision Marine Refugium R24Best$326.99
Wet/Dry Filter (Fish Only Systems)
Item #DescriptionRatingPrice 
CRSY90CPR SYS 900 Wet/Dry Filter PackageBetter$341.49
CRSY192CPR SYS 192 Filter PackageBest$503.49
Item #DescriptionRatingPrice 
HG10615Aqua Clear 70 Hang-On-Back Power Filter, UL ListedGood$71.99
AP7313Aquarium Pharmaceuticals® API FilStar XP Canister Filter - M (Up To 75 Gallons)Best$129.99
Water Movement/Wavemaker
Item #DescriptionRatingPrice 
HD00718Hydor Koralia Evolution Circulation Pump/Powerhead 1150 gphGood$53.99
TZ1213Tunze Turbelle NanoStream 6045 PumpBetter$78.00
EM1253EcoTech Marine VorTech MP10wES Propeller Pump w/ Wireless EcoSMART DriverBest$285.00 $199.99
Item #DescriptionRatingPrice 
EJ1115Eheim Jager TruTemp 100 Watt Fully Submersible UL Approved HeaterBetter$27.99
EJ1117Eheim Jager TruTemp 150 Watt Fully Submersible UL Approved HeaterBest$29.99
JB1531JBJ True Temp Digital Controller w/ Heater - 150 WattBest$99.99
Item #DescriptionRatingPrice 
TZ8611Tunze Aquawind Aquarium Fan 7028.900Better$77.99
ED1151Aqua Euro USA Max Chill 1/13 HP Aquarium Chiller For Tanks Up To 50 GallonsBetter$399.99
JB1111JBJ Arctica Titanium Chiller DBA-075 1/10HPBest$559.99
Item #DescriptionRatingPrice 
HG11201Marina Floating Thermometer w/ Suction CupGood$2.49
ES00232Coralife Digital ThermometerBetter$8.49
RB1313Lifegard Aquatics Big Digital Temperature AlertBest$32.99
AM1131American Marine Pinpoint Wireless Thermometer (includes one sensor)Best$40.49
Salinity Measurement
Item #DescriptionRatingPrice 
AS2141Instant Ocean SeaTest HydrometerGood$13.49
MD2103Marine Depot Aquarium Pro RefractometerBetter$64.99 $55.24
4M00600Milwaukee Seawater Digital RefractometerBest$114.49
Test Kit
Item #DescriptionRatingPrice 
AP3323Aquarium Pharmaceuticals® API Reef Master Test KitGood$24.99
SF1111Salifert Ammonia Test KitBetter$18.01
SF1115Salifert Calcium Test KitBetter$23.14
SF1119Salifert Copper Test KitBetter$17.91
SF1121Salifert Iodine Test KitBetter$36.84
SF1123Salifert KH/Alkalinity Test KitBetter$17.87
SF1127Salifert Nitrite Test KitBetter$17.90
SF1129Salifert Nitrate Test KitBetter$23.14
SF1133Salifert Phosphate Test KitBetter$23.19
SF1135Salifert pH Test KitBetter$13.66
SF1137Salifert Silicate Test KitBetter$23.22
SF1139Salifert Strontium Test KitBetter$42.78
HN1135Hanna Instruments Checker pH PenBest$39.99
HN1183Hanna Instruments Checker Phosphate ColorimeterBest$49.99
HN1181Hanna Instruments Checker Total Chlorine ColorimeterBest$49.99
HN1189Hanna Instruments Checker Marine Alkalinity ColorimeterBest$49.99
HN1187Hanna Instruments Checker Marine Calcium ColorimeterBest$49.99
HN1185Hanna Instruments Checker Iron ColorimeterBest$49.99
Item #DescriptionRatingPrice Exclusive ReefKeeper Lite + SL1 Expansion Unit w/ FREE pH ProbeBest$199.99
Item #DescriptionRatingPrice 
AK010162AquaticLife RO Buddie 3-Stage Reverse Osmosis System w/ Mixed Bed Resin DI Cartridge - 50 GPDBetter$99.99
SP12391SpectraPure® 90GPD CSPDI RO/DI System w/ Manual Membrane FlushBest$284.99

This item is temporarily unavailable but will be back in stock soon.

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