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Add-On Components (Float Valve Kit, Shut Off Valve Kit, etc.)

Inline TDS Monitors
Inline Dual TDS MeterInline TDS Meter - The TDS meter offers an easy and convenient way of monitoring the performance of your RO or RO/DI unit. It allows you to quickly check the quality of the inlet and outlet water and helps you to determine when the cartridges need to be replaced. It is a great addition to any RO or RO/DI unit. Battery operated.
Item #DescriptionPrice 
RO1312HM Digital Dual Inline TDS Meter$29.99
HB00024HM Digital Triple Inline TDS Monitor$44.99
Float Valves
Kent Marine Float ValveFloat valves allow you to automate your RO or RO/DI water system to keep your storage containers full at all times without the worry of overfull or flooding.
Item #DescriptionPrice 
5V28037AquaFX Non-Metal Top Mount Float Valve$15.00
Float Valve Kits with Automatic Shut-Off
Kent Marine Float Valve KitFloat Valve Kit - includes both float valve and shutoff kit for shuting off both RO and Deion units. (Kent Marine Part No. FVKITKENT)
Item #DescriptionPrice 
KM1651Kent Marine Float Valve Kit For RO and RO/DI Units$56.99
SP5131SpectraPure® Auto Shut Off Valve Float Kit for RO Systems$45.99
Flush Valve Kits
Flush Valve KitFlush Valve Kit - allows full stream of water to clean TFC membrane of any buildup to prolong life. (CP Part No. FVK14, KM Part No. FLUSHKIT, SP Part No. VA-FVK-4)

Note: This is not compatible with Coralife RO or RO/DI units.
Item #DescriptionPrice 
RO1313Reverse Osmosis System Flush Valve Kit$11.99
5V92456AquaFX Reverse Osmosis Flush Kit$16.00
Shut-Off Valve
Shut-Off ValveShut-Off Valve - allows RO unit to shutoff or stop producing waste water after the float valve closes. Parts Include: Tubing, Solenoid, JACO18NIP, JACOTEE, JACO18L, JACO18S, CHECKV
Item #DescriptionPrice 
KM1671Kent Marine Shut-off Valve$42.99
5V27928AquaFX Hydraulic Automatic Shut Off Kit$24.99
5V27929AquaFX High Pressure Automatic Shut Off Kit$27.00
Feed Water Adapter
Feed Water AdapterFeed Water Adapter - Allows connecting RO inlet line directly to pipe.
Item #DescriptionPrice 
RO1315Feed Water Adapter For RO System$17.99
Standard Faucet Adapter
Standard Faucet AdapterStandard Faucet Adapter - Standard faucet fitting to feed R/O or DEION. (CP Part No. FA, KM Part No. FAUS, SP Part No. FAU-SNP)
Item #DescriptionPrice 
RO1317Standard Faucet Adapter / Quick Connect Faucet Coupler$13.49
Drain Saddle
Drain SaddleDrain Saddle - Allows running R/O waste line to drain directly to drain pipe. Requires drilling a hole in the pipe. (CP Part No. DS14, KM Part No. DSAD, SP Part No. XDS-4T)
Item #DescriptionPrice 
RO1319Drain Saddle Adapter$4.99
Self-Piercing Saddle Valve
Self-Piercing Saddle ValveSelf-Piercing Saddle Valve - Pierces copper pipe to feed R/O or DEION unit. (CP Part No. PSV14, KMPart No. SV, SP Part No. XV-PRC-4T)
Item #DescriptionPrice 
RO1321Self-piercing Saddle Valve$8.49
Plastic Tube Cutter
Plastic Tube CutterPlastic Tube Cutter - Cut polyethylene, nylon, or polypropylene with this easy-to-handle razor/edged tube cutter. It closes automatically, assuring clean and square cuts. It may also be used with vinyl, teflon®, polyurethane, rubber, and silicone tubing. To use, insert the plastic tube to desired length. Allow tube cutter to close, then apply pressure until the tube snaps off. Cuts from 1/16in to 5/8in OD tubing.
Item #DescriptionPrice 
RO6013Plastic RO Tube Cutter$16.49
Replacement Garden Hose Adapter
Replacement Garden Hose AdapterReplacement Garden Hose Adapter - Works with any RO systems, which come with 1/4" tubing.
Item #DescriptionPrice 
RO1323Garden Hose Adaptor (Adapter)$4.99
Single Filter Housing Bracket
Single Filter Housing BracketSingle Filter Housing Bracket
Item #DescriptionPrice 
RO1195Single Filter Housing Bracket$3.49
Metal Bracket
Metal Bracket for 3-Stage RO UnitMetal Bracket for 3-Stage RO Unit
Replacement RO Single Clip
Replacement RO Single Clip for RO unitReplacement RO Single Clip for RO unit
Item #DescriptionPrice 
RO1371Replacement Single Clip for RO unit$1.99
Replacement RO Double Clip
Replacement RO Double Clip for Compact/Bare Bone 2-Stage SystemReplacement RO Double Clip for Compact/Bare Bone 2-Stage System
Item #DescriptionPrice 
RO1373Replacement Double Clip for Compact/Bare Bone 2-Stage RO Unit$1.49
Replacement Clear RO Canister
Replacement Clear RO CanisterReplacement RO Filter Canister - Clear - for 10" sediment filters, carbon block filters and DI cartridges
Item #DescriptionPrice 
RO11911/4 inch NO10 Replacement Clear Canister$16.99
Replacement TFC Membrane Housing
Replacement TFC Membrane HousingReplacement TFC Membrane Housing
Item #DescriptionPrice 
RO1193Replacement TFC Membrane Housing$18.99
Single Deionization Canister Add-On Kit
Single Deionization Canister A quick and easy way to add De-Ionization to any RO system or to add a secondary DI stage to any RO/DI system.

  • Produce pure RO/DI water for your aquarium to reduce nuisance algae growth
  • Available with or without a TDS meter to monitor your DI cartridge
  • Includes filter wrench and 6 ft of tubing
  • Inline pressure reducer included to ensure optimal flow through the canister
Item #DescriptionPrice 
CP1611Captive Purity Single Deionization Canister with TDS Meter$69.99
CP1613Captive Purity Single Deionization Canister$43.49
RO Housing Wrench
RO Housing WrenchRO Housing Wrench
Item #DescriptionPrice 
RO1325RO Housing Wrench$3.99
Replacement O-Ring
Item #DescriptionPrice 
CP1911Captive Purity Replacement O-Ring for RO Filter System$2.49
RO Replacement Tubing
Item #DescriptionPrice 
RO12311/4 inch RO Tubing - Black$0.25
RO12331/4 inch RO Tubing - Blue$0.25
RO12351/4 inch RO Tubing - Red$0.25
RO12371/4 inch RO Tubing - White$0.25
RO12391/4 inch RO Tubing - Yellow$0.25

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