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SpectraPure Reverse Osmosis (RO) System Accessories Information

Liquid Level Controllers (LLC-S)

Liquid Level Controllers (LLC-S)

  • For automatic replenishment of evaporated liquid and liquid level control on single tanks, sumps or reservoirs
  • Safe low voltage operation
  • Automatically turns off in the event of a power failure
  • Longer membrane & filter life * Remote sensor mounting (up to 10 feet)
  • Additional switched 24 VAC outlet for controlling booster pump or other 24 VAC operated devices
  • Safety backup float

SpectraPure’s liquid level controller (LLC) uses the most advanced means of controlling liquid levels on single or multiple reservoirs and is ideal for replenishing evaporated water in aquariums, or liquids in other constant level containers. An on-board air pressure activated electrical switch opens a solenoid valve when the liquid level drops approximately 1” and closes it when the liquid level rises back to its original level. Research at SpectraPure shows that the liquid level controller provides a significant advantage over conventional float and back-pressure activated automatic shut-off valves by maximizing the duration of membrane operation. This minimizes the build up of impurities due to membrane creep (the small amount of impure water that is a characteristic of the membrane at the onset of pure water production). All wetted components are constructed of inert and salt-water safe materials. Power is provided by a plug-in 24 volt AC (UL listed and CSA approved) transformer. The single reservoir model comes with the LLC unit (which includes a switched 24 VAC outlet for controlling a booster pump or other 24 VAC operated devices), compression fittings and 5 feet of tubing for remote mounting of the sensor.


Power Liquid Level Controller

Power Liquid Level Controller

  • For automatic replenishment of evaporated liquid on systems which require AC electrical control
  • Controls up to 3 Amp continuous duty pumps and other 115 volt power heads
  • Extremely useful for continuous water change systems & other level control applications

The Power Liquid Level Controller uses a sensitive air pressure switch to energize or de-energize an AC outlet which can be used to switch a power head or a 115 volt pump up to 3 Amps continuous duty. The unit can be set to turn a pump on or off with changing water level and is extremely useful for continuous water change systems.


Float Level Controller (FLC)

Float Level Controller (FLC)

  • For unattended filling of tanks, reservoirs and sumps
  • Positive shut-off - completely shuts off all waste & product water
  • Use for the automatic filling of multiple open reservoir storage tanksl

SpectraPure FLC provides an economical way to automatically fill open reservoir storage tanks. The automatic shut-off valve in conjunction with the mini-bladder provides positive shut-off and completely shuts off the waste water and product water lines thus conserving water. Float level controller includes ASO valve, stainless steel float, check valve, mini-bladder tank, a straight ball valve, tubing and necessary fittings. Buy one float kit for filling every additional sump or reservoir. Our float kit (SPFK) includes a stainless steel float, union T, and other necessary fittings. The installation of float requires a 9/16” mounting hole in the tank. Note: Do not use the float level controller for automatic replenishment of evaporated water. For those applications, we recommend either our SpectraPure Auto-Fill system (SAF) or our liquid level controller (LLC). The SAF and LLC produce water of much higher purity than the FLC (see opposite page).


Booster Pump Kits

  • Add-on to existing RO, RO/DI, drinking water systems, or permeate pump drinking water systems
  • Boost pressure up to 100 psi for enhanced production and increased purity
  • Continuous duty rated
  • Can be operate in any position
  • Self pressure regulating
  • Sealed pump design protects from moisture
  • Adjustable pressure output
  • Ideal for use on water sources with pressure below 40 psi

Pressure Guage KitPressure Guage Kit

  • Add to existing systems for easy monitoring & troubleshooting of your RO, RO/DI or drinking water systems
  • No more guessing about plugged pre-filters


Flush Valve Kit (FVK)Flush Valve Kit (FVK)

Significantly enhanced the life of RO membranes and reduces membrane cleaning requirements.  This flush valve kit when placed between the membrane reject port and the flow restrictor provides a high flow bypass to purge concentrated brine from the membrane housing and rapidly flush any particulate from the membrane surface.  The flushing is best done just before the RO system is shut down by opening the FVK valve for 15-30 seconds and then turning the feed water source off.

Piggy Back KitPiggy Back Kit (PBK)

Economical way to more than double the production rate of any existing RO or RODI System. Increase the production rate of a system by 80 GPD.


PostFilter KitPostFilter Kit

Greatly improves taste of RO & RO/dI product water and furthur removes organic contaminants. Model PFK-10 shown to left.



Color Change Add-On DIColor Change Add-On DI

  • Produces ultra high purity water (18 MOhm resistivity)
  • Converts your RO system to a MaxPure RO/DI System
  • Custom formulated multi-layered color change DI cartridge for post RO use (extremely high silica, nitrate and phosphate removal) 3
  • 33% greater capacity than any other 10” color change cartridge


Permeate Pump Retro-Fit Kit (PPRFK)Permeate Pump Retro-Fit Kit (PPRFK)

  • Add to any drinking water system or kit
  • Conserves water - reduces waste water use by 80% compared to a conventional RO system
  • Fills product tank up to 2 times faster * Doubles pre-filter life * Improves water quality
  • Increases membrane life
  • No electricity required

A permeate pump increases net pressure across the RO membrane by isolating the membrane pressure from the pressure in the product water tank thereby reducing the permeate back pressure to less than 5 PSI. Using a permeate pump with an automatic shut-off valve greatly increases water purity stored in the tank because of the increased net driving pressure across the membrane. The pump requires no electricity and is powered by energy from brine normally lost to drain. The use of permeate pump increases membrane life and pre-filter life, reduces waste water by 80%, and fills up the tank 2 times faster than conventional units.

Important Note: The permeate pump is only effective when used with a bladder storage tank. Use of permeate pump does not have any advantage when being used with tanks / sumps open to atmosphere.

Our Permeate Pump Retrofit Kit includes a permeate pump, mounting clip, an automatic shut-off valve and all necessary tubing and fittings. It is available for use with existing RO or RO/DI drinking water systems. Use PPRFK-RO for RO Systems with drinking kits & use PPRFK-DI for RO/DI Systems with drinking water kits.

Drinking Water Kit (DWK)Drinking Water Kit (DWK)

  • Converts your RO or RO/DI system to an under the sink drinking water system
  • Meets all current plumbing codes
  • No electricity required

Spectrapure's drinking water kit includes a NSF approved Amtrol pressurized holding tank, a manual tank shut off valve, a water conserving auto shut off valve, code approved Touch-Flo air gap faucet, 10" post carbon filter, an elbow check valve and all necessary fittings and tubing.  The auto shut off valve maintains a constant supply of stored water and shuts off water going to drain when the tank is full.  The 10" post carbon filter removes any bad taste or odor and the code approved air gap faucet mounts at your kitchen sink for quick, convenient dispensing on demand.  Drinking water kits are available with 3 or 10 gal pressurized storage tanks.

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