Aquarium Systems Instant OceanĀ® Test Kits

Aquarium Systems Instant Ocean Test Kit
Reef Aquarium
Instant OceanĀ® aquarium test kits make saltwater testing easier than ever before for the beginning hobbyist as well as the experienced aquarist. The one piece color chip comparator is easier to use than any other saltwater test kit available. The durable wide-mouth holder has more room for adding the test chemicals and is more stable to prevent spilling. Foil packets protect the granular test chemicals from light and moisture and keep them fresh indefinitely.

  • Ideal for use with all marine, reef and freshwater aquariums.
  • Durable Measuring Vial for accurate, easy load ing.
  • Dropper-Top Reagent for easier water testing at all levels.
  • Foil-Sealed Granular Test Chemicals for lasting freshness and easy-pour, quick-dissolve effectiveness.
  • Step-by-Step Test Guide for quick, easy, mistake-proof testing.