Marine Depot Refractometer
The Marine Depot Refractometer is a must have for all hobbyists. The proper salinity is crucial for the survival and health of your fish and corals.

This high quality refractometer is extremely accurate and easy to use and calibrate. Calibration is simply done with a few drops of distilled water. This model also features ATC (automatic temperature compensation).
  • Adjustable eyepiece
  • Carrying case
  • Pipette
  • Calibration screw driver
  • Range for Testing: 0-28%
  • Division: 0.20%
Marine Depot Refractometer
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Item #DescriptionPrice 
MD2101Marine Depot Aquarium Refractometer$49.99
MD2103Marine Depot Aquarium Pro Refractometer$64.99
Captive Purity Refractometer
The Captive Purity Refractometer is an incredibly accurate and easy to device that eliminates the confusion associated with inexpensive hydrometers. Just place a couple of drops of water on the prism and hold to the light. Reads in percent and specific gravity. An absolute must for the serious marine hobbyist.

Captive Purity Refractometer
The Captive Purity Refractometer is an optical device (no batteries) dual scaled 0-100% specific gravity: 1.0 to 1.070. Calibrate with distilled water. Adjustable eyepiece, carrying case, pipette and calibration screw driver included. *this model is ATC (automatic temperature compensating)*

Do not be fooled by the price. This is the same top of the line model unit that sells for $119 elsewhere. As you can see from the unaltered picture, this is not the flimsy unit selling for under $80 elsewhere.
Captive Purity Refractometer with Calibration Dial
Captive Purity Refractometer with Calibration DialThis Captive Purity Refractometer has additional features including:
  • No Screwdriver Needed for Calibration
  • Heavy Duty Hinge Pin Design
Captive Purity Refractometer with Light

Captive Purity Refractometer with LightThis Captive Purity Refractometer has its own lighting (three watch batteries included). No need to turn on the light in your room anymore.

Item #DescriptionPrice 
CP2115Captive Purity Refractometer with Light$65.49