Tunze Wavebox Wavemaker Information

How Does the Wavebox Operate?
The pump in the Wavebox presses the water to the left-hand side of the tank causing all polyps in every position in the aquarium to move to the left.
The pump is stopped; the wavebox fills up; and the entire water in the aquarium returns to the right-hand side. All polyps move to the right.
Oscillating current with near-nature wave movement and circulation.
De-sedimentation of the entire aquarium habitat.
Wave generation at low power consumption, high efficiency and low motor heat.
Safety extra-low voltage, blocking and run-dry protection, alert sound emitter.

Frequently Asked Questions About the TUNZE Wavebox
Can the Wavebox be fitted in an aquarium with outlet?

Given a single wave, the water varies only very little in the centre of the aquarium (relative to the longitudinal axis). If and when possible, this zone should be used for the outlet and inlet. The more distance to this zone, the higher the difference in water level. TUNZE® outlets can withstand such variations without any problems, but they may cause noise.
Can the Wavebox be integrated in the decoration completely?

For perfect wave formation and circular current, we recommend positioning the water outlet in direction of the longitudinal axis of the aquarium. The decoration, such as corals, should be located at least 50 cm (19 in.) away from the water outlet.
Can the Wavebox produce several waves?

Given an aquarium of two metres (78 in.) in length, a double wave can be produced. In order to get an indication for this frequency, the resonance frequency of single wave has to be divided by two.
Is the Wavebox compatible with other Turbelle® pumps?

The Wavebox can also be integrated in an aquarium with Turbelle® pumps. The circular current of the Turbelle® and the washing of the waves produced by the Wavebox superimpose each other and result in a strongly pulsating circular current for reef top biotopes, for example.
Two Waveboxes are required for a tank with a content of 1,700 litres (449 US gal.), do the Waveboxes have to be located next to each other in case of space problems?

Two Waveboxes can be placed in opposite corners of the tank; in this case they will operate alternatingly. When one Wavebox operates, the other is switched off, et cetera; Wavecontroller 6091 is used to control the system.