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150 Watt 20000K Metal Halide Bulb - Hamilton, Double Ended

Item #: MB4237

We no longer carry this item

  • Newly Redesigned! Deeper blue color & higher PAR!
  • Ideal Choice for Deeper Marine Life
  • Emits and Intense, Vibrant Actinic Blue light with high spikes in the 420nm range
  • Simulates sunlight at ocean depths of 12-25 feet
  • Promotes the development of photosynthetic plants, anemones and coral
  • Intensifies the natural fluorescence in fish, coral and marine life
  • Use with a 150W HQI Magnetic ballast or 150 watt electronic ballast
NOTE: The bulb should be handled carefully: using soft gloves is a good idea to keep finger prints off bulb. This is during installation and replacement.

Bulb Replacement Guide
Bulb Types Life of Bulb*
Normal Output Fluorescent 6-12 months
Very High Output (VHO) 6-12 months
Power Compact (PC) 9-12 months
T5 High Output (T5HO) 9-18 months
Metal Halide 9-12 months
LED (non-moonlight) ~5 years (50,000 hours)
* Manufacturer Recommendations

Manufacturer information

Hamilton Technology Aquarium Supplies
Hamilton Technology is the leading manufacturer of high quality aquarium lighting offering customers the widest selection of metal halide, compact fluorescent and VHO lighting available today at the lowest prices. Their mission is to offer state-of-the-art lighting that meets high standards of quality, innovation and value. Hamilton Technology has served the lighting needs of both the professional and the hobbyist aquarist for more than sixteen years and is considered by many to be the choice of experts.


Reviewed on
November 14, 2020

Yes, I would recommend this.

Reef tank

I compared this side by side to a Pheonix 14k - this bulb is just a slightly more blue(the look i am going for). I am using an m80 Bluewave ballast- Awesome bulb!!!

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Reviewed on
September 25, 2020

Yes, I would recommend this.

Excellent Bulb

Pros: Excellent spectrum that corals love.


Great 20k bulb, I used this in my cheap ebay fixture over my frag tank and it is really amazing the way corals respond, makes me think about full MH instead of LEd.

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Reviewed on
August 02, 2017

Yes, I would recommend this.

Need a tan???

Pros: 20000k that you are looking for!

This is a wonderful bulb. Provides that excellent blue hue that you are looking for over your reef. Easy to install, and replace.

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