Current USA SubCurrent Internal Filter w/ Pump + FREE Replacement Filter Media


This item has been discontinued.

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Turns Any Tank Into A Nano-Aquarium
  • Complete 3-Stage Internal Filtration Module
  • Removes organic film and debris from water surface
  • Increases water movement & eliminates "dead zones"
  • Creates a crystal clear, healthy aquarium
  • Increases filtration & surface skimming in larger tanks
  • For aquariums up to 30 gallons
The Next Evolution In Aquarium Filtration is Crystal Clear
The SubCurrent sets a new standard in aquarium filtration. Unmatched by traditional power filters, the unique design of the SubCurrent combines the efficient dynamics of a surface skimmer with a 3-stage trickle filtration module. The SubCurrent installs inside the tank in minutes with ease and completely eliminates the risks associated with hang-on or external filters. It runs so quiet, you will forget its even there.

Skimming Innovation
Efficiently skimming the aquarium water surface, the SubCurrent not only removes organic film but improves water movement and increases vital dissolved oxygen levels. Unlike traditional power filters, the SubCurrent removes dirt and dissolved organics from the surface of the water - eliminating those unsightly oil slicks.

Flowing Performance
UL Listed submersible pump silently pulls water through the complete 3-stage filter module and pumps it back into the aquarium. Lever style pump outlet provides complete flow control for optimum performance. Dual outlet nozzle is completely flexible and allows water to be pumped into almost any location - eliminating "dead zones" of zero water movement. Powerful suction cups allow easy placement and installation into any aquarium.

3-Stage Trickle Power
Upon entering the filter teeth of the SubCurrent, water is immediately polished with a washable mechanical filter pad which traps debris and dirt. Passing through a molded drip tray, water trickles through a bag of marine grade activated carbon which chemically absorbs impurities and discoloration keeping water crystal clear. High-performance Nano-ball biomedia provides a high surface area location for bacteria colonization which can remove ammonia and nitrites on contact - providing superior biological filtration.

What`s Included
Each SubCurrent filter includes a flexible dual outlet nozzle, UL Listed submersible pump, 1 bag of marine grade carbon, 1 bag of Nano-balls biomedia, 1 mechanical fllter pad, 2 internal drip trays and mounting suction cups.

  • Mechanical Filter Pads: 1
  • Activated Carbon: 1
  • Nano-Balls Biomedia: 1 Bag
  • Max. Aquarium Size: 30gal
  • Pump Flow Rate: 160gph
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 7.75" x 4.24" x 2.25"
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