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Accel Aquatics Nano Vortex Flow Accelerator - Model VFN

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Item #: 6H94588

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A water flow accelerator is a great way to add extra water flow to your aquarium. There are several styles available and some can increase waterflow by up to 400%! By increasing water circulation, you can help to increase oxygenation, reduce dead spots and prevent detritus from accumulating.

The water flow accelerator (also know as a penductor) simply screws into the aquarium water return line or can be adapted to many water pumps or powerheads. A flexible ball socket joint allows you to direct the water where you need it most.

Model VFN (nano) - Features
  • Spinning Nozzle for more random flow
  • Accelerates the water flow speed to increase the water flow circulation
  • High quality durable ABS plastic construction
  • Compact size and light weight
  • Maximum flow rate 400 GPH
  • Includes 1/2" and 3/4" MPT connectors

    ***NOTE: NOT compatible with "Loc-Line" fittings.

3 Stars


Reviewed on
March 04, 2019

No, I would not recommend this.

Cool idea poorly done

This product is a cool idea but it doesn't work probably the nossle barley turns and gets stuck from time to time

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Reviewed on
May 31, 2018

Yes, I would recommend this.

Nice flow, small device

Pros: Small, works well

Cons: Some power is lost from return pump

Nice random flow from a small device. Does seem to be a little difficult to clean algae off because of it's shape and size. Like all random flow generators, some power is lost from the pump.

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Reviewed on
January 08, 2018

Yes, I would recommend this.

Good return line

Pros: flow isn't in one direction, looks cool

Cons: algae grows on the blade part that turns and looks ugly

Got this for my nano reef tank, I like how its small and does not block a lot of light and also how the water flow isn't in just one direction.

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Reviewed on
June 30, 2017

No, I would not recommend this.

Doesn't Work with Fluval Sea Evo XII & V

Pros: Doesn't work right away and doesn't tease you into thinking it may if you just jiggle it

Cons: Doesn't work right away or ever

I ordered this for my new little Fluval Sea Evo V. There's no way it will fit on there - just too big and no adapters. I thought I'd still keep it and put it on my Fluval Sea Evo XII. It fits! But does it spin? Nope. LOL! It cut the flow and output down by two-thirds and didn't spin one millimeter. It sticks up out of the water and this is probably why it doesn't spin - though I doubt it as I have the Hydor spinner thing and it sticks out even more and is way bigger and spins like a dream. Skip this if you own one of the aforementioned aquariums.

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