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Algae and Pest Control

Keeping an aquarium is enriching and relaxing, until some nuisance organism like green hair takes hold in the tank. Long term fish tank algae control often requires better filtration and an improved maintenance routine, but algae removal additives help overcome an outbreak. along with manual removal and a clean-up crew.

Reef aquarium algae and pest control is more complicated because many powerful pest and algae removers are not reef safe. Aiptasia and majano are pest anemones that can quickly spread throughout the tank. Majano and Aiptasia control can be achieved with additives fed directly to the pests. While some fish may eat aiptasia, most are not completely reef safe.


From $15.99

AZ-NO3 Nitrate Eliminator 240mL
Joe`s Juice Aiptasia Eliminator 20 mL
Salifert Flatworm Exit
Blue Life USA Phosphate Rx 1oz
API Algaefix Marine 16oz

Aquarium Pharmaceuticals, API, MARS Fishcare

API Algaefix Marine 16oz


Ultralife Red Slime Stain Remover
Blue Life USA Red Cyano Rx


Majano Wand Aiptasia Laser - Kills Pest Anemone
Red Sea Aiptasia-X Refill 16.9oz
Blue Life USA Aiptasia Rx


Blue Life USA Flatworm Rx 30mL

Aquarium Pharmaceuticals, API, MARS Fishcare

Algaefix Pond Algae Control Treatment - API

From $20.99

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