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Ich and External Parasites Aquarium Medications

The most common marine external parasite found in aquariums is ich, which can be deadly. infected ich fish have white spots like salt grains.

Reef safe ich treatments, like Kick Ich, reduce but do not remove ich from the aquarium. A UV sterilizer attacks free-floating ich. Many aquarists manage ich with these strategies. Remove ich with non reef safe medicine like Cupramine. While the fish are treated, the tank needs to be fishless for at least two months so that ich fails to find a host and dies.

Other external fish parasites include deadly brooklynella and marine velvet, which can also present as small spots. Fast action with a strong anti parasitic medicine is vital to prevent death.

Fluke fish disease is the most common internal fish parasite. Flukes are small flatworms visible under the skin, and can be treated with API General Cure.
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