American Marine Selcon Fish Food Booster Additives/Supplements

American Marine Selcon Fish Food BoosterSelcon, an aquarium food booster that features highly unsaturated OMEGA 3 fatty acids, Marine Lipids (200 mg/g), Stabilized Vitamin C (200 mg) and Vitamin B12 Cyanocobalamin (240 mcg). Soak any freeze-dried, frozen food or dried food to give it additional nutritional value or use directly in the tank to benefit filter-feeding invertebrates. American Marine Selcon does not alter water chemistry and it does not contain Yeast, Phosphates or Nitrates. It also helps cure Head and Lateral Line Erosion / Disease. 60mL
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AM1511American Marine Selcon 60 mL$13.49
AM1513American Marine Selcon 500 mL$99.49