Chem-Marin (Stop Aiptasia, Stop Parasite & Stop Hair Algae) Additives/Supplements

Chem-Marin additives help you control two of the biggest pests in the aquarium; Parasites and Aiptasia. Until now, its been virtually impossible to control parasites such as Oodinium and Cryptocaryon in a marine aquarium that contained invertibrates, because the typical treatment requires the use of copper, resulting to instant death for corals and inverts. Fish aren't exactly crazy about copper either; it can be harmful to them if not dosed correctly. But that problem is in the past, thanks to the innovative work of Chem-Marin Additives.
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Chem-Marin Stop Aiptasia
Chem-Marin Stop Aiptasia Stop Aiptasia is totally reef safe and will not harm any corals, fish or inverts and may be used in conjunction with any medication that may be present in your system. This is 100% organic and biodegradable.

Directions: Using a #18 Syringe (Chem-Marin Stop Aiptasia Applicator), inject the Stop Aiptasia into the center disk and at its base. Aiptasias too small to inject may be coated with this product. Stop Aiptasia works immediately. In 12 to 24 hours they will turn a dark color and fall off. Then they may be siphoned out of your tank.
Chem-Marin Stop Parasites
Chem-Marin Stop Parasites Stop Parasites is made from many different agents. One speeds up the fish's natural slime coat causing parasites to detach themselves. Another attracts parasites as a non-nutritional food source. Others speed up appetite and build the immune system. Will not harm internal organs of fish.

Note: Make sure you only have parasites; not secondary infection (i.e., bacteria).

Directions: Remove chemical filtration: polyfilters, chemisorbs, charcoal, etc. Turn off UV or ozone. You may leave the skimmer running. Add 1 measured tsp. (5ml) per 10 gallons of water twice a day for 5 days. Pre-administer at the recommended rate as needed.

Warning: After each application, check pH and buffer (substantial pH drop may occur). This product will not cause harm to life forms unless pH monitoring is ignored. If pH is going to drop, it will immediately after application. A pH drop is unlikely in a properly buffered tank.

Recommended sizes for a 5-day treatment:
  • 30-55 gal tank: 8oz
  • 75-100 gal tank: 16oz
  • 125-200 gal tank: 32oz
Chem-Marin Stop Hair Algae
Chem-Marin Stop Hair Algae Stop Hair Algae - Another fine product from CHEM-MARIN

Now you can get rid of your HAIR ALGAE safely and effectively.

Just spread it on areas that contain green Hair Algae with our special applicator (sold separately) and it’s GONE. It is completely reef safe and biodegradable. No water changes needed! For best results, turn off all circulating pumps or redirect water flow away from treated areas.
Chem-Marin Pre-Vent
Chem-Marin Stop Hair Algae Chem Marin Pre-Vent:

This is a new, innovated product which will drastically reduce the chance of parasite infestation, Ich, Oodinium, Skin & Gill Flukes. It is made of all natural ingredients and totally REEF SAFE. It is also safe for all plant life, fresh or saltwater.

This product is NOT to be used if parasites are visible or signs of parasites exist. Signs include: fish scratching off rocks, rapid darting, or any other abnormal activity. If this describes your situation, you need to use our STOP PARASITES product to remove parasites from your fish and aquarium. Pre-Vent will NOT rid your tank of pre-existing parasite infestations.