Korallin S-Plus Trace Element, Buffer, and Multi-Vitamin Additive Information

Korallin S-Plus Trace Element, Buffer, and Multi-Vitamin AdditiveKorallin S-Plus™ replenishes vital trace elements that are needed for the thriving of corals (soft & hard), Giant Clams, calcareous algae, crustaceans & fish in reef aquarium.

Unlike other incomplete supplements, Korallin S-Plus™ contains more than 20 essential micro-nutrients like iodine, iron, manganese, strontium, molybdenum, fluorides, rubidium, lithium, etc. in the right proportion and in absorbable form. Enhanced formula also integrates multivitamin-complex and pH-buffer to ensure splendid health, vigor & coloration.

Unlike other uncontrolled 'full spectrum' supplements, elements in Korallin S-Plus™ are complexing agents so they are only freed depending on the complex formation constant and are laced again if no utilization occurs. In other words, Korallin S-Plus™ can sense if certain trace elements are used up and will replenish these missing elements only. All others will be laced back into its matrix and vanished after one week - enabling a very intelligent & automatic metabolizing mechanism.
  • Stabilized iodine is available in biologically potent form
  • Concentrated strontium is crucial for the skeletal formation of leather & hard corals
  • Controlled-release EDTA iron to stimulate growth of invertebrates and macro algae
  • Use w/ Korallin Mineral Plus to revitalize RO/DI water, to maintain alkalinity & to stabilize pH
  • Use w/ Korallin Kalkreaktor for a synergistic calcification for corals & encrusting algae
Korallin S-Plus™ prevents trace elements depletion due to living organism utilization, protein skimming, ozone, resin and activated carbon filtration.

Directions: Use 20 mL (2.5 capful) / 30 US gallons weekly. Use 1/2 for system without protein skimmer and activated carbon. Refrigerate after opening. Imported from Germany (500 mL & 5 L).

CAUTION: Not for human consumption. Keep out of reach of children!

What's so unique about Korallin S-Plus™? - You may think that this is just another 'All-In-One' supplement? Not really, Korallin S-Plus™ is safer yet more sophisticated than other similar products on the market today. First of all, Korallin S-Plus™ has over 20 trace & minor elements + multi-vitamin complex + pH buffer to assure a stable dKH & pH. The ONLY other element that you will need is Calcium. So, use Korallin S-Plus™ with a Kalkreaktor for a COMPLETE marine reef / fish replenishment. Secondly, you can not overdose if you follow the suggested dosage. Let's say you have a crustacean species aquarium and they deplete your water of Iodine (for molting), Korallin S-Plus can sense the low Iodine concentration and will then react automatically by freeing its Iodine to replenish the missing quantity. Other elements like Strontium will NOT be freed if the existing level is considered optimum. The non-utilizable excessive elements will be complexed back into a matrix and be vanished completely after 1 week. Natural sea water composition has been 'programmed' in Korallin S-Plus such that it is triggered by the deficient elements only. This automatic mechanism renders it an 'Artificial Intelligence In a Bottle'! Other full spectrum replenishers simply replenish trace elements 'blindly' so the they end up being wasted or end up intoxicating your delicate marine life.