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Aeration, such as a fish tank air pump powering an air stone bubbler, is vital to ensure the aquarium has oxygen.

An aquarium air pump is, for many freshwater aquariums, the most basic aquarium component. An aquarium aerator provides oxygen and circulates the water.

Some high-end equipment, like ozonizers, also use an air pump.

While many modern filtration devices provide powerful circulation that makes an electric air pump unnecessary, an air pump and air stone is something every aquarist should own. When quarantining or transferring fish and coral, or when primary filtration breaks, a fish air pump comes in handy. In a power outage, a battery powered air pump is a life saver.

Looking for the best aquarium air pump or aeration for your tank? Contact our expert support team.

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Eheim Air Pump 400
Eheim Air Pump 100
Eheim Air Pump 200
Lee`s Wooden Air Stone / Diffuser 2 Inch - 2 pack

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