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AlgaeBarn Refugium Starter Kit w/ Clean Chaeto For Established Tanks - Medium


Item #: AB9137

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***6/17/2021 SHIPPING UPDATE*** Algae Barn is upgrading their Phyto systems and is experiencing a short delay in shipping. They are expected to resume shipping next week. Thank you.

Setting up a new refugium? Looking to establish a copepod population in your tank? The AlgaeBarn`s Ultimate Refugium Starter Pack includes everything you need to cycle, start, and seed a healthy refugium for your Saltwater Aquarium.

This hand-selected package is designed to make starting your refugium easy with the Ultimate Refugium Starter Pack!

Here`s a closer look at what you receive:

For Established Aquariums, a Single Shipment:

We only recommend adding all items at once into an established tank.

  • MarinePure Biofiltration Ceramic Media: An ultra porous ceramic media that allows water to flow through it and has an unparalleled amount of surface area providing an ideal environment for beneficial nitrifying bacteria and copepod populations.
  • Fritz Aquatics Turbo Start 900 Live Nitrifying Bacteria for Saltwater: A super concentrated blend designed to contain all of the strains of beneficial nitrifying bacteria necessary to seed and cycle your saltwater aquarium making it safe for copepods, phytoplankton, macroalgae and other livestock.
  • Clean Chaeto macroalgae: We treat, quarantine, and inspect all of our CleanMacro algae to ensure your refugium gets off to healthy parasite and pest free start. Macro algae also provides an excellent habitat for copepods, zooplankton, and other beneficial microfauna.
  • 5280 Pods™ Live Copepods: A three species blend of over 5,280+ tigriopus, tisbe, and apocyclops copepods of all sizes and life stages for maximum zooplankton diversity designed to seed and establish your tank with a healthy and diverse copepod population.
  • OceanMagik™ Live Pyhytoplankton Blend: A nutritious blend of four strains of live phytoplankton designed to give your copepods, corals, and filter-feeding inverts a healthy and complete diet.

If setting up a refugium in a New Aquarium, click HEREfor the two shipment option!

Size Guide:

Small: For nano tanks, all-in-one tanks, or HOB refugiums
  • Turbo Start 900™ 1 oz
  • MarinePure™ 2" Cubes x 5
  • 5280Pods™ 16 oz
  • OceanMagik™ 8oz
  • Doser Bottle
  • CleanMacro™ Algae 1 oz
Medium: For sumps up to 10 gallons with refugium section of 2.5 - 5 gallons
  • Turbo Start 900™ 4 oz
  • MarinePure™ 2" Cubes x 20
  • 5280 Pods™ 16 oz
  • Ocean Magik™ 16 oz
  • Clean Macro™ Algae 2 oz
Large: For sumps 10 -19 gallons with refugium section of 6 - 10 gallons
  • TurboStart™ 900 4oz x 2
  • MarinePure™ 2" Cubes x 40
  • 5280 Pods™ 16 oz x 2
  • OceanMagik™ 16 oz x 2 (1x doser bottle, 1x refill bag)
  • Clean Macro™ Algae 4 oz
XL: For sumps 20+ gallons with refugium section of 11+ gallons
  • TurboStart™ 900 16 oz
  • MarinePure™ 2" Cubes x 80
  • 5280 Pods™ 16oz x 4
  • OceanMagik™ 16 oz x 4
  • Clean Macro™ Algae 8 oz

100% Alive-On-Arrival (AOA) Guarantee for Green Chaeto Macroalgae and further info

  • All of AlgaeBarn`s macroalgae, and all their products come with a 100% Alive On Arrival Guarantee page.
  • AlgaeBarn goes to great lengths to treat, quarantine and remove any unwanted parasites, hitchhikers, and other organisms from their Clean Chaeto macroalgae. AlgaeBarn does not guarantee that this item is completely and totally free of anything unwanted due to the nature of spores, eggs, etc. which can remain viable but not visible, despite their strict quarantine procedure. AlgaeBarn strives to have the cleanest and highest quality macroalgae on the market. AlgaeBarn always recommends that you properly quarantine anything new before adding it to your tank. The images on this page are for example only, actual product appearance may vary.
  • Manufacturer information

    We think the best way to inspire people to protect our oceans is to help them observe, understand and learn from the magnificent creatures that inhabit them. That’s why at Algaebarn we produce premium aquacultured marine organisms that are sustainable and eco-friendly. By providing quality live foods backed by scientific research, we aspire to improve the general health and longevity of ornamental fish. One day we hope to see all marine aquariums filled entirely with aquacultured organisms, thus reducing our hobby’s impact on natural marine environments. The best way to make that vision a reality is to start with the building blocks of all marine ecosystems; Zooplankton and Phytoplankton. We grow all of our premium Copepods and Phytoplankton at the base of the Rocky Mountains in our state of the art 2,000sqft aquaculture facility. As hobbyists ourselves we understand the importance of knowing what goes into your aquarium. That’s why we run all of our water through a twelve stage RODI system before mixing in InstantOcean synthetic sea salt. There are no fish or copper parts anywhere in our facility so you never have to worry about introducing anything unwanted into your aquarium. We only sell premium live Copepods & nutritious Phytoplankton with no harmful chemicals or preservatives.

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