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Alternanthera Lilacina Live Freshwater Plant - Aquatic Farmer

Alternanthera Lilacina Live Freshwater Plant - Aquatic Farmer


Item #: JB2201

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The vibrant purple-colored underside of the leaves gave this variety its name. The surface of the leaves is wine red to deep red in color. With good lighting, the shoots are very compact and the leaves are close together. As a result of its very slow growth, this colorful stem plant is also suitable for the midground; however, it must be continuously trimmed so that the background plants do not become obscured. A nutrient-rich substrate and a good CO2 supply guarantee successful cultivation in the aquarium.


Growth height - 50 cm Origin  South America
Usage Aquascaping Type Stem
Family Amaranthaceae Genus Alternanthera
Breeding Cutting Growth Speed Slow
pH 5 - 8 Water hardness 4 - 18 °dh








Semishade - Sunny



Reddish Purple

Manufacturer information

Aquatic Farms was founded by a lifetime aquaculture hobbyist and has grown to become the premier brand for In-Vitro tissue cultured plants. Tissue culture plants are grown from a state-of-the-art laboratory specialized in propagating aquatic plants, providing the best option for those who want to prevent the introduction of unwanted pests into the aquarium.

5 Stars


Reviewed on
April 24, 2020

Yes, I would recommend this.

Wonderfully red.

This plant looks great. It will add a nice pop of color in your tank.

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