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American Marine Pinpoint ORP/REDOX Calibration Fluid 400mV - 5 Pack

American Marine Pinpoint ORP/REDOX Calibration Fluid 400mV - 5 Pack


Item #: AM14331

In Stock

Quantity: 5-pack

The American Marine ORP / REDOX Calibration Fluid 400 mV is convenient and easy to use: no mixing is required and highly accurate. Packaged in single--use plastic foil pouches similar to PinPoint pH calibration fluids. For test results, recalibrate the ORP monitor/controller monthly.

Manufacturer information

American Marine Pinpoint Aquarium Supplies
American Marine was founded in 1989 by a devoted aquaculturist who was passionate about quality and precision. Back in the late 80s, critical water quality parameters were mostly tested with colorimetric test kits. Some digital instruments were borrowed from university or laboratory sources with mixed results but always a high price tag. Expensive European aquarium equipment was always a disappointment when it finally arrived. Inexpensive "pens" gave no better results than color test kits and prematurely failed even when testing for approximate readings.

Using the most current technology and design, American Marine introduced Pinpoint Monitors, which have become the most respected line of digital instruments in the aquaculture business. American Marine was the first to introduce a 2-year warranty on each and every monitor. For every purpose, from a goldfish bowl to a salmon hatchery, Pinpoint Monitors are called into duty every day because of their rugged design, precise readings and reasonable cost. American Marine has sold Pinpoint Monitors on every continent. Each monitor is powered by a standard 9 volt battery that is available worldwide.

4 Stars


Reviewed on
October 15, 2020

Yes, I would recommend this.

Be aware

Cons: Should state it's not used to calibrate the Apex ORP probe

I recently purchased this calibration fluid in pursuit of recalibrating my ORP probe on my Apex Classic. Even though many will say it's not needed and/or impossible to do so I still wanted to recalibrate it to have normal reading range. Mine kept reading 800-850, which is why I wanted to recalibrate it. After some investigation I come to find out that this fluid doesn't work for the apex, which is not stated in the description. Anyone trying to do the same, be aware this is not for the apex. This however would help to see how far off your readings are in comparison.

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jeff bunker

Reviewed on
June 15, 2016

Yes, I would recommend this.

Must have

I calibrate my probes monthly, Pinpoint calibration fluid is a must

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george laughlan

Reviewed on
October 09, 2015

Yes, I would recommend this.

orp testing

good product. Standard mv is excellent

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